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Rocks Rocks and processes that are the earth’s surface: The Earth’s crust is made up of different rocks, which is building a Alaabsah crust and oceanic crust. Section of rocks exposed section is covered with soil and plants and buildings. Rocks great importance to humans as the rock reveal to …

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Industrial minerals and rocks


Industrial minerals and rocks In any metal or rock found in nature with an economic value except for ores and metals energy (coal, gas, oil), precious stones, and referred to the metals and industrial rocks as not metal, and industrial minerals and rocks attributes of diversity in nature and origin, …

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How gold industry


How gold industry Gold Gold is a chemical element in either on the surface of the earth’s crust in the form of granules inside the rocks, and in the depths of rivers, or in the ground in the form of veins, a yellow and shiny, but the gold in nature …

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