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Depression and frustration


  Depression and frustration an introduction – Feelings of sadness than normal sensations experienced by each person to a certain degree in Hyate.- considered either depression is a psychiatric condition in which the senses so much adversely affect the activities Aleomah.- and depression is one of the most mental problems …

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Liver failure


  Liver failure The liver is the greatest gland in the human body .. where he plays a key and very important role in his life .. no human can live without it .. Due to the importance of knowing the characteristics of this important organ and how to maintain …

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Chronic Renal Failure Chronic renal failure


  Kidney failure Renal failure There are two types of kidney failure, acute renal failure acute renal failure and chronic renal failure chronic renal failure. And kidney failure in general is a shortage in the work of the College and functions, leading to an imbalance in the human body. And …

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Benefits of silver in medical treatment and prevention


Benefits of silver in medical treatment and prevention Silver is one of the precious metals such as gold and currently, but less the value of it, but silver harder than gold retractable and roads extent slightly less than the gold, the greater the degree of purity of silver Zadeh ability …

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Respiratory diseases. (SARS)


  ¬†Respiratory diseases. (SARS) Pneumonia syndrome sars an introduction : Acute viral illness severity comes from being: 1. In a short period of rapidly spread through respiratory droplets And body fluids. 2. has a link to the global travel movement as the number is not Shortly patients have been transmission …

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means of preventing accidents


    ¬†Reasons for ships and means of preventing accidents The causes of accidents vary from year to year, but most of the casualties occur as a result of drowning usually due to storms or stress suffered by the vessel’s hull or fires, explosions or delinquency and collision coral reefs, …

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Cartilage slider – cervical slipped disc – lumbar – disc – sciatica


  Cartilage slider – cervical slipped disc – lumbar – disc – sciatica Spinal vertebrae bone starting from the neck and end Bazimat detached at the bottom of the basin consists of, and has been spine is divided into three three groups, starting from the top paragraphs cervical spine and …

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The treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers, colon


  The recipe for the treatment of gastric ulcer and duodenal decimal 500 g of licorice powder 100g honey Loose foam Emsjan well eaten him filling a spoon on an empty stomach and before going to sleep Encloses Bnqaa watercress or purslane plant Soak the amount of a teaspoon of …

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General information on electrical transformers


General information on electrical transformers * History of Transformers: Faraday was first discovered in 1831 the phenomenon of mutual incitement between two separate files and present At the heart of a magnetic one, and measured the electrical driving force (Electric Motive Force) in practice In one of the two files …

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Early Alzheimer’s dementia


  Early Alzheimer’s dementia Called Alzheimer’s disease – a disease of early dementia name German scientist Alois Alzheimer Alois Alzheimer who discovered in 1906, and the months of the wounded is former US President Ronald Regine. There is this disease 4.5 million infected in the United States, and the patient …

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