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KABUL, Afghanistan--A Turkish pediatrician listens to an Afghan child's heartbeat
Jan. 7 at a clinic at Camp Dogan.  Approximately 400 Afghan locals come
here regularly to receive medical treatment from a team of Turkish,
Afghan and French doctors. (ISAF Joint Command photo by U.S. Air Force
Staff Sgt. Logan Tuttle)

Pneumonia A widespread and serious diseases of the respiratory system of children and frequently it occurs In winter and spring, which is inflammation of the air sacs of the lungs and around by (Pulmonary Almkor) infection occurs by droplets from the nose and mouth patient When you cough and form …

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Ophthalmology (White Water)


Ophthalmology (White Water) More than half of the bypass 65 years have some degree of cataract in the eye and most Haala It can be successfully treated with surgery What is a cataract? White water illness is going sour in the eye department called the lens may lose considering Safat …

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Definition of the blood types of cancer symptoms diagnosis treatment prevention


  Definition of leukemia It is a malignant disease of hematopoietic cells in the bone marrow – Leukemia, Owallukimaa, and means “leukemia” is a disease of the bone marrow Where it begins a kind of immature blood cells to multiply rapidly and stop maturity, within the bone marrow that causes …

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Scientific research Full diabetes


    Diabetes: Is a group of diseases infect and affect the way the body’s use of blood sugar (glucose). Glucose is considered a vital element of the body, where it provide the body with the necessary energy. Glucose enters the cells of the body naturally by insulin – factor …

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Sinusitis .. causes and treatment


  More than 20 million Americans will suffer from at least one of the episodes of sinusitis sinusitis this year’s bout. And most of them will suffer from feeling uncomfortable, and were absent from work or study. But most of them Sishvon .. but few of them will have serious …

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IBS and treatment


  Increasing questions patients are frequent complaints from some diseases they believe organic disease, but the fact that it (psychological more than others) which may cause inconvenience patients and the doctor and thus take the time and effort it can distract a patient in need .. Among those irritable bowel …

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The reasons for the appearance of dimples and treatment


  The reasons for the appearance of dimples and treatment Dimples blood collection, is a topical inflammation of the skin usually begins as a spot reddish but with the passage of time This spot becomes rigid and stiff. In the end, the center dimple becomes softer and full of blood …

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Anemia and its symptoms and treatment …


  Anemia is a health problem and the most serious around the world, especially that there are more than 700 million people worldwide suffering from low hemoglobin rate of blood caused by iron deficiency in the intake of food a day, and are pregnant women, class and the children of …

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What is the thyroid? Symptoms and treatment


  While the defect is located in the small glands located at the level of the neck, known as hypothyroidism, we are fluctuations in mood, or are suffering from weight gain, or swelling in the thyroid gland or the other several problems troubling. Here are ten questions and answers to …

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