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Investment Knowledge Economy


  Investment Knowledge Economy It is obvious to everyone the extent of innovation and excellence that has always achieved by Saudi students either outside or inside the kingdom, the knowledge-based economy needs to develop and develop and invest because it is the basis for the employment of capacity and talent, …

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Knowledge Economy


Knowledge Economy Knowledge Economy said the transformation of the economy based on capital to the knowledge economy is through the three forces of reaction are: – technological change, and includes information and resources, technology, and biotechnology. – Trade liberalization, internationalization of production systems – the liberalization of capital movement in …

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Industrial minerals and rocks


Industrial minerals and rocks In any metal or rock found in nature with an economic value except for ores and metals energy (coal, gas, oil), precious stones, and referred to the metals and industrial rocks as not metal, and industrial minerals and rocks attributes of diversity in nature and origin, …

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How gold industry


How gold industry Gold Gold is a chemical element in either on the surface of the earth’s crust in the form of granules inside the rocks, and in the depths of rivers, or in the ground in the form of veins, a yellow and shiny, but the gold in nature …

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E-commerce Definition


E-commerce Definition E E Commerce and Trade is simply a sale and purchase of goods, services and information through the use of the Internet where he will meet buyers and sellers and brokers across the digital world through different locations in order to display goods and services and identify and …

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The emergence of white hair causes and treatment


  The reasons for the emergence of white hair and treatment Hair material is very complex, and only recent studies and research structure and composition appear. It consists of composite fibers of protein called keratin (Keratins) and hair color depends on the pigment, called melanin, which is produced in special …

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Sudden fainting

pass out

  What is the sudden swoon? He has a temporary consciousness may be accompanied by muscle relaxation causing a fall to the ground ..tm patient wakes up again and back him fully conscious .. Fainting sudden .. the reasons : The main reason is the lack of the amount of …

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Acute lymphatic leukemia blood


  Leukemia is a cancer of the white blood cells. From the white blood cells help the body fight infection. These cells are formed in the bone marrow. In the case of leukemia, the bone marrow produces abnormal white blood cells. Increasing the number of these cells becomes more than …

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SLE affecting the kidneys raise blood pressure


  SLE affecting the kidneys raise blood pressure SLE or lupus erythematosus is rheumatoid chronic disease that affects part or Ijza Emn body, in most cases, the disease affects many parts of the body and called then systemic lupus erythematosus include devices that may get sick skin, joints, kidney, nervous …

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