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The emergence of white hair causes and treatment



The reasons for the emergence of white hair and treatment

Hair material is very complex, and only recent studies and research structure and composition appear.
It consists of composite fibers of protein called keratin (Keratins) and hair color depends on the pigment, called melanin, which is produced in special cells called Milanosaats

And the hair begins to lose its color when Smothers Activity Almilanosaats when aging or loss of natural ability Almilanosaats cells as a result of trauma or a neurological or psychological pressure and there is a lot of documents which confirm that some people have lost their hair color between overnight.

The invasion of white hair often starts at the side of the head and then shows the front of the hair and finally appears behind the head, and the best way to cover the gray hair dye is whether chemical or natural manner, and these are some guidelines to reduce the gray hair.

· Shortening the hair: the hair Palace Say white hair appearance that is preferred but stick formate short hair.
· Hair Care: With the passage of time the hair is exposed to drought by virtue of age and this drought will appear white hair worse. So try to resort to the use of regular conditioner and shampoo with choosing the right type of hair.
· Hair dye: It is well-known ways but it does not last long

Chaib causes of hair – white hair – white hair for young girls and early

(1) Malnutrition:

Valharh feed on the basic elements of the most important zinc, sulfur and others.
Rapid Valojbat does not make the hair gets Matanajh food to grow and apply material colored pigment (melanin) in their parts.
The lack of nutrition in children such as lack of protein in their food graying hair causes in children it is possible that pulls his hair Ventzaa easily mystery.
The hair loses its natural color and find tends to redness, and child nutrition can affect the hair on his young period, if the child is exposed to a lack of food during his childhood, that affects hair growth and nature in their youth,
There is no doubt that proper nutrition since childhood play a role essential, Food is helps hair growth and the acquisition of natural color, and explain it that in certain types of food amino acids play an important role in the normal growth of hair, and the lack of these substances in our food (especially tahini, fish, liver and eggs) capillaries causing weakness and loss of natural color.

(2) excessive use of chemicals:

The human cells are exposed to far more than 5 million a chemical compound used in his life, such as different:
Medications you are taking and which have a detrimental effect on the hair.
Pesticides used to eliminate insects and pests in homes, fields and sprayed on various plants and we eat.
Hair creams and repeated it and install it.
In order blow dry hair.
All of them are made up of chemicals that affect the color and kill the cells.
Unfortunately, young people became keen to use it day and night, and may reap as a result of temporary and temporary to our use of these materials and we felt beautiful, and then shocked afterwards.

(3) Environmental pollution:
Exhaust and car fumes.
Factory waste.
Barsh food pesticide contamination during the growth of plants or added preservatives him or his colorful harmful to health.
Air pollution we breathe.
Water pollution.
All this has a direct impact on human health and the health of its members, and while the general weakness is happening in health Vatabiei that skin health is affected and weaken and lose their color.

(4) The role of genetics:

There is no doubt that the role of heredity in the premature graying of young people, it may be a parent suffering from disorder in the genetic makeup of the cells secreted pigment hinders the dye colored hair melanin and inherited this disorder to their children.
Because the genetic device is affected by the conditions Almiahth such as psychological stress, air pollution and lack of food, we find that genetics device among young people affected and expresses himself early on any prematurely, because these ambient conditions affect the efficiency of many of the units of heredity in the body, including the units of heredity controlling the hair coloring.
In summary, the point is that white hair may be inheriting, but this genetic expression early Grandfather may occur as a result of conditions and pressures surrounding, the reason is simple genetic Sudden Changes driven by these pressures gradually lead to the weakness of the various organs of the body efficiently.

(5) the effect of psychological stress:

We live in an age of graying hair and a heart at the age of 15 years and not 50 or 60 years,
Attitudes made people chew the cud pressing concerns including the small young, Vaheib psychological affects all parts of the body as a result of the circumstances surrounding the psychological pressure, thus exposing all parts of the body of premature aging,
We find a young man in twenty years of age and suffering from diabetes or heart or find him depressed and is on the verge of life and his hair white, straining all the pressures surrounding our cells.
And Ajhaddena is the result of the stress our cells, and before the man a young man it before that kid did not enjoy a happy childhood did not give him the psychological and social care needed, it is not in our homes a place where children play Valhqq tight, mother Tnehrhm most of the time if they play or even Trthuroa or if pitched in street caused the Khanaqat and Chajrat with the children of neighbors and residents, and there are enough parks, clubs only for the rich, and although it has narrowed them too, even tenderness and care we provide to our children dropper mother preoccupied with the concerns of life, and the father weighed a search for a living, and the child grows up and becomes a young man, and concerns increasing burdens Taatthaql, and if we were to compare today’s youth with a white-haired youth of yesterday, we will find many differences explain the reasons, Rivalry in the study became heavily to the large numbers competing for limited jobs and our homes turned into a study camps, and a teacher tutor perused and another descending, wrote a Foreign diary .. .etc, all of these tremendous pressures, and in the end, and after the screening numbers and graduated from graduated, the conflict and the search for jobs or kill hope for jobs threshold then search for an apartment and configure the house and family … etc costs.

Hair Treatment Chaib – premature graying – White poetry for young girls and vegetable dyes

Can use the following vegetable dyes If you want to change the color of white hair,
Noting that getting blond needs to use these dyes week to achieve the required effect, while black hair and brown comes fast and the outcome uncertain.
(A) red henna: The best types of vegetable dyes, which tend to flushes and comes with excellent results with women with golden hair (they are holding).
(B) Paper berries: dried and milled Kalhnh and kneaded with water, which gives a dark black color.
(V) Peel pears: it is dried and milled, which gives the brown color.
(W) Peel eggplant: dried in the oven for roasting and degree burns and grinds Kalboudrh is batch with water, which gives the brown color.
(C) Paper or onion peel: Boil onion paper and some hair rinses, and leave to dry it and gives a chestnut color.
(H) chamomile: Mix chamomile flowers boiled with turmeric, and the hair is rinsed and gives blond color, and this dye has to be commonly used weekly to give the desired result in the white hair cover.

Recipes to hide white hair and graying resistance:

(A) boiled sage (4 tablespoons Alemramip leaves ferment adequate, then leave to cool, then drain and add to it a teaspoon of cloves and half a cup of boiling tea powder strongly, with stirring, then add the henna (2 tbsp of henna dissolved in half a cup of water), then the mixture is placed on the hair and scalp for 30 minutes and then rinse with boiling water.
(B) Soak 4 tablespoons of sage leaves in boiling water (fill two cups) for two hours, and then used after being cooled and filtered and is ten paint every evening before going to sleep and then paint the hair tuft lock.
(V) Soak two tablespoons of sesame seeds in a cup of boiling water for 20 minutes, then used in hair painted three times a day.
(W) benefits of vitamin B complex in addition to a daily dose of Baramenobenzuek acid (300 mg approx.) Where he restores hair its original color by about two months.
(C) is boil a cup of tea ferment severe then add to it Mlakhkberh salt, and used this solution in the hair paint from roots to ends and remain on the hair for 45 minutes, then rinse with plain water, should avoid the use of shampoo when you work in this recipe.
(H) stating eating honey or black and brewer’s yeast and garlic honey.

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