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The reasons for the appearance of dimples and treatment



The reasons for the appearance of dimples and treatment
Dimples blood collection, is a topical inflammation of the skin usually begins as a spot reddish but with the passage of time
This spot becomes rigid and stiff. In the end, the center dimple becomes softer and full of blood cells
White anti-inflammation and coming from the bloodstream to eliminate the inflammation.

The reasons for the appearance of dimples and treated?
This is known as the group of white blood cells, bacteria and proteins with pus, pus and poses upside
It can be opened surgically or dries automatically through the surface of the skin, and referred to the closed within tissue pus
On behalf of the abscess.

There are several different types of dimples:
• dimple or anthrax: This abscess is produced in the skin usually caused by the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus,
It could be the one to boil one hole or more and may be associated with fever or chills, and uses
The term “dimple” to refer to the dimple that appears inside the hair follicle, commonly used term
“Anthrax” to refer to the larger abscess, which includes a set of hair follicles, and can Jamra
To form a rigid mass can be seen in the skin, it referred to as having a chronic condition from recurring boils
As “carbuncles or disease embers.”

• cystic acne: This type of abscess is formed when fatty channels become clogged
And inflamed, cystic acne affects the skin tissues deeper than inflammatory acne
Surfactants, cystic acne often appears on the face usually occurs in years
• hidradenitis suppurativa: a condition in which multiple cysts are formed under the armpits and often
It is caused by localized inflammation of the sweat glands, this kind of difficult to treat skin Aladthabat
With antibiotics alone, and usually it requires surgery to remove the sweat glands concerned in order to
Stop dermatitis.

• abscess fibrosis poetic: This is a unique kind of abscess is happening in the folds of the buttocks, and usually begins
A small base in the area of ​​the skin where the hair grows (the hair follicle) and because of irritability
Direct pressure, with the passage of time expanding the inflamed area to become stiff and painful making
Difficult to sit without discomfort, and formed this abscess often after long-haul flights
Require sitting for long periods.
What causes the formation of carbuncles?
There are many reasons for abscesses: It can be the cause of some of the dimples is the hair that does not grow while it may
Be caused by the emergence of others fragment or foreign substance lodged in the skin, such as boils some love
Young made up due to blockage of the sweat glands, which become inflamed.
The skin is an essential part of the body’s immune defense against microbes and exotic materials on the body so
Anyone can cut into the skin, such as scratching or abrasion that bacteria evolve into a red-hot abscess.
Who is most susceptible to boils?
Anyone can be infected boils. However, people who suffer from certain diseases or
Taking medications weaken the body’s immune system (natural defense system against foreign substances or
Microbes) are more susceptible to boils. Among the diseases that can be associated with weakness
In the immune system of diabetes and kidney failure, and can increase diseases, where there
Production is not sufficient antibodies (such as hypogammaglobulinemia) that are associated with deficiencies in
The natural immune system of the possibility of the appearance of dimples.
It can also suppress many medications natural immune system and increase the risk of developing boils, cover
These drugs drugs cortisone and prednisolone and drugs used in cancer chemotherapy.
What is the treatment of boils?
Home treatment is the most appropriate option for most simple abscesses and, ideally, should begin
Treatment as soon as you notice the presence of abscesses time since the early treatment may prevent complications
later .

Domestic primary treatment for most boils is to use towels or hot compresses as increase the flow
Blood to the area and allows the body to fight infections better by bringing antibodies
The white blood cells to the site of inflammation.
When a small dimple and harsh become open it and dry it is useful even if the area is painful,
However as soon as it boils Lina is a straight or it will be ready for drying, as soon as the drying Dimple
Hide his pain so much.
Most small dimples such as those that form around the hair dry on its own with the use of hot tubs
In some cases, especially with big dimples there is a need for medical treatment, in this
The situation becomes a dimple in need of drying by the doctor, and often contain dimples
A large number of pockets of pus that must be opened and dried.
Often using antibiotics to eliminate any accompanying bacterial infection, especially if there is
An infection of the surrounding area, however, the antibiotic is necessary in each case.
In fact it is difficult for antibiotics to penetrate the outer wall of the abscess and often do not address the dimples
No additional surgical procedures.
When should I seek medical attention?
Although the dimples unravel on its own in the habit but there are some special cases
Which should seek medical care.
In rare cases, it boils may persist or spread, leading to more inflammation and extensive.
You should evaluate any boils or abscess appears on the diabetic patient or a patient suffering from the disease underground
It can be associated with a weakened immune system (such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.) of
By the specialist doctor, in addition it can be for a lot of drugs, especially prednisone suppress
The immune system, which would lead to the complexity of the case of simple boils, should
People taking these drugs to consult a doctor when they have the appearance of dimples.
We should also have all boil companion fever medical attention.
The increase in skin redness in the surrounding areas to boil or pose red ribbons on the skin and not
Constitute the head of a boil and the emergence of other abscesses of other symptoms that warrant a doctor’s visit.
“Poetic blastocyst” is an outlying appears between the buttocks and is considered a special case in that they require medical treatment.
Finally, it should go to the doctor when there is a painful boil does not improve his condition.

What can be done to prevent injury boils?
There are some measures that can be taken to prevent the appearance of dimples:
Good hygiene and regular use of antibacterial Lsabon help prevent bacteria from accumulating
On the skin, and this can reduce the chance of inflammation of the hair follicles and prevent the formation of dimples.
In some cases, the doctor may recommend using a special detergent like pHisoderm to reduce the appearance
Bacteria on the skin as far as possible.
And when the hair follicles in the back of the arms or around the thighs constantly inflamed
You can use the fiber is a regular in the bathroom to help the decomposition of fatty blockages and prevent clumping
Around the hair follicles.

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