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Ophthalmology (White Water)


Ophthalmology (White Water)

More than half of the bypass 65 years have some degree of cataract in the eye and most Haala

It can be successfully treated with surgery

What is a cataract?

White water illness is going sour in the eye department called the lens may lose considering Safat gradually becomes opaque

Because the light can not pass through the lens Almekrh to reach the back of the eye (the network)

What are the lens of the eye?

Is a transparent body behind the iris (the colored part of the eye) lens brings the light rays on the retina

To give a clear form of visuals on the back of the eye (retina)

What is the reason the White Water occurrence?

White water may occur at any age but is common with age in the early ages may be caused by genetically family

Or as a result of chronic inflammation of the eye or a companion to diseases such as diabetes and some medicines, for example Kalchortazon

May cause changes in the transparency of the lens

Symptoms of white water and is in a patient’s complaint, saying

1.lm promising I can see himself as clear as I enjoyed it
2.cz some things seem chaotic, especially at the edges, or I think the dirty glasses
3.akad do not see in the very places Alada or in the bright sunshine as I can no longer driving at night
4.alqrah confused and non-net
5.lde double vision this when Aker is not homogeneous rays of light that reaches the retina be Mottagsmh which would lead to double vision

What is the treatment?

The only treatment surgery to remove a cataract lens and put the industry in lieu thereof and possible be conventional surgery

Or using sound waves either laser techniques alone can not cure cataract (White Water) do not you may have to be used

In the later stages.

What do you mean planting the lens?

Replace the lens Almekrh extracted surgically plastic lens of the eye so that the eye can focus on objects

Eye surgery may decide in some cases not to grow lens for medical reasons and replaced with glasses

Or contact lenses.

When can we conducted the surgery?

Usually you can not decide the timing that you want in the past would have preferred eye specialist to wait until the water is cooked

White these days with the development of microscopic eye surgery and using iPods fragmentation and phacoemulsification computer

Phacoemulsification (Phaco) is no longer necessary if the process can be made at any stage

The evolution of cataract (White Water) If there is confusion in your vision and your inability to read or work

Or you were acting to bring you pleasure may be the date of the decision of surgery

Surgery for most people means a short stay in the hospital and in most cases can be made postoperatively

And out on the same day

What steps surgery?

Before the operation a few drops will be placed in the eye to widen the pupil can be surgical procedure under local anesthesia

And rare under general anesthesia, if necessary, the process takes 30 minutes in normal after the operation is placed

Plastic eye shield to protect from trauma

What are the latest technique in cataract surgery?

2 i wound microscopic technique has shown – 3 mm and without Haath with the use of white water suction devices

Using computer (Phaco) a lot of advantages for the traditional methods of cataract surgery

What happens after the surgery?

1.qtarat kind regularly for weeks or guidance by a physician
2.amtna for rubbing the eye rubbing
3.da condoms especially during sleep
4.agsl your hair and head back to prevent water from reaching the eye for a week
5.tjunb put makeup on the eyes for several weeks
6.lst forced to stay at home .. you can go out with your situation Sunglasses
7.tsttia to resume your daily life after one to two weeks postoperatively
8.tjunb driving even allows you eye surgeon so

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