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Early Alzheimer’s dementia



Early Alzheimer’s dementia

Called Alzheimer’s disease – a disease of early dementia name German scientist Alois Alzheimer Alois Alzheimer who discovered in 1906, and the months of the wounded is former US President Ronald Regine. There is this disease 4.5 million infected in the United States, and the patient usually dies in a period of 8 years of diagnosis of the disease and in some cases patients lived until 20 years after diagnosis.
Generate Alzheimer’s – early dementia
Finder has described the disease and the presence of patches or plaques plaques around brain cells, tangles or lumps tangles inside brain cells and so when microscopic examination of brain tissue, and still this description yet like it is the hallmark of this disease.

Early Alzheimer’s dementia
It consists of plaques of a type of protein found in the brain called beta amyloid beta-amyloid, while the blocks form inside nerve cells Kckheot twisted by the deformation affects another protein called to tau, scientists have observed that these proteins increase within a particular system – where you start to co-exist areas of the brain responsible for memory and learning, and the rest of the regions – as we age, but they are much more when Alzheimer’s patients, and scientists have not come specifically to the role of these proteins, but experts believe it prevents delivery of signals between nerve cells and hinder needed to sustain the life of the cell activities. What is certain scientists have is that once the emergence of the disease have been preceded by a long process of death and decomposition – extend for years – brain cells that you save and retrieve information. And the death of nerve cells, shrink the brain occurs with atrophy and lose its shape wrinkled.

The pictures show the bottom of the Gaza brain naturally to the right and then to the Gaza simple case of Alzheimer’s and the Gaza severe condition.
Alzheimer’s dementia dementia Alambkralzheimer Alambkralzheimer early dementia
The cause of Alzheimer’s disease – early dementia
Scientists have not been able to identify yet the cause is clear and direct for the disease, but as a result of the continuing for nearly 15 years of research they were able to identify a range of factors that could combine to eventually lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

The most important of these factors: aging: It is most encouraging for the emergence of the disease factors, as the majority of patients infected after the age of sixty, and increases the chance of disease than twice every five years subsequent to this age, even up to 50% at age 85. Genetic factors : since the chance of the disease than those who were wounded when one of their parents or grandparents with the disease compared to natural persons. Diseases that affect the blood vessels in the brain. Dangerous head injuries increase the chances of infection .
Symptoms and signs of Alzheimer’s – early dementia
In a healthy person the nerve signal travels through proper nerve cells and cell to another through chemical neurotransmitters.

Early Alzheimer’s dementia
While in Alzheimer’s disease, the parts of the brain happens by tissue damage and therefore, some of the signals do not reach, causing the symptoms of the disease.
Early Alzheimer’s dementia
The symptoms start declining in memory with no ability to carry out the functions of daily and disorder in judging things, and sometimes disorientation and also some changes in speech (such as difficulty in calling the floor with the ability to chant and understand its meaning and the increasing loss of the ability to speak progressive aphasia. And the picture down on the right showing sites of memory and language centers in the brain and the sector affected by the disease, compared to the sector in a healthy person to the left.
Early Alzheimer’s dementia
The following figure also shows the synapses synapse in a healthy person and Mosul nerve chemical acetylcholine Acetylcholine which are affected in Alzheimer’s disease in these nerve centers.
Early Alzheimer’s dementia

Some of the changes also occur in the personal and these changes vary in the speed of its appearance and progress from one person to another, and lose people with Alzheimer’s ability to recognize places, or a loved one, and they can not concern themselves as the disease lasts between eight to ten years, although some sufferers They have been dying at an early stage, or they may live for a period of 20 years.
In usually the doctors are talking with the patient to get to know and make sure there is an imbalance in the perception cognitive impairment or changes in speech language dysfunction, as well as they speak with Almlasquin patient also care about the identification of any defect in memory, and problems related to the activity daily, such as cooking, cleaning, dispose of the money and loss and confusion or cluttered mind and take care of personal matters.
This disease is the most common cause of severe mental disorder and dementia causes severe imbalance of perception and behavior which affects the social networking and workflow capabilities.
The diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease – early dementia
Diagnosis on the signs and symptoms depends. Doctors may need some laboratory analysis . Doctors also asked to CT scans and magnetic resonance images of the brain pictures brain MRIs or CT scans, which show brain atrophy in these cases (and pictures from top to show regret radiographs normal brain injury and Alzheimer’s light and then moderate injury to severe injury)

Early Alzheimer’s dementia
Early Alzheimer’s dementia
Early Alzheimer’s dementia
Early Alzheimer’s dementia
The treatment of Alzheimer’s disease – early dementia

For now can not cure that helps slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease – early dementia, or recovery from illness categorically but softens the treatment of symptoms in addition to the good service for the patient and provide support makes life better. Although most of what is known about the disease was during the last fifteen years, but there is an accelerated and expanded efforts to learn more about the disease and follow-up research to find better ways to treat and delay his appearance and to prevent its development.
Exercise protects against Alzheimer’s disease or early dementia

The Lancet Neurology published research in search urges people in the middle age exercise for the prevention of dementia when offering their age. The research that exercise for half an hour twice a week can lead to significant improvement. The magazine said that the people in the forties can reduce their risk of dementia by half this way. The people exposed to the disease could lead to the sport improved prospects for non-injury have increased by 60%.
The scientists said that people who are active in the young and middle age, can enjoy healthy and more flexibility in the autumn of their age. Previous studies have pointed to the preferred sport for the prevention of human dementia, but this is the first study that examines models over a long period of time amounted to two decades. The researchers said that this is important because dementia takes a long time to appear on the human.
The study was conducted on 1,500 men and a woman, wounded 200 of them have dementia at the age of between 65 and 79. The scientists studied a way of life with the disease by more than 20 years in their lives when they were middle-aged. The researchers found that people who contracted the disease were less active and the practice of sport for their peers.

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