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The treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers, colon



The recipe for the treatment of gastric ulcer and duodenal decimal
500 g of licorice powder 100g honey Loose foam
Emsjan well eaten him filling a spoon on an empty stomach and before going to sleep
Encloses Bnqaa watercress or purslane plant
Soak the amount of a teaspoon of leaves in boiling water cup is covered for 10 d and sweetened with sugar plant and drink it after dinner

Prohibited food
Spices, pepper and spices
With fiber vegetables
Coffee and tea
Wine and smoke
Citrus fruits and vegetables pickled
Greens incomplete maturity
Fat and grease
Refreshments and ice cream
Soft drinks
Lack of drinking water and an empty belly
Permitted by the patient’s food
Porridge corn starch
Fresh vegetable powder
Hard-boiled eggs
Non-fat gravy
Fish meat is salty
Natural fruit juice
Full ripening fruit
Cabbage juice, especially before going to sleep

It has been quoted to you from the following site Hawwaj
One of the most annoying things that some of them complain about the patients or the general population acidity. It may reach some to go for more than a doctor or a hospital and taking several medications and lotions to end this suffering. But to know the treatment we must first know what causes acidity preventive and how to them. Among the most prominent reasons for acidity increased secretion of hydrochloric acid from the stomach, either for one reason patients such as Zollinger disease which leads to increased acid secretion continuously, leading to injury ulcers, or due to an imbalance of acid equivalent process inside the stomach of a lack of certain enzymes, or due to irregular eating process either eating continuous (nuts, sweets) or drinking (coffee, tea), leading to the secretion of acid continuously throughout the day, or because Altdechan.omma increases the suffering in some cases a weakness in the muscle close down the esophagus, leading to reflux acid in the stomach to the esophagus and therefore feeling very sharp pain, especially when lying down on Alzar.ohna highlights the importance of the medical maxim: prevention is better than cure, but how to be the prevention of gastric acidity? First we have moderation in eating during the day by distributing meals to the three major periods while ensuring the diversity of food at each meal. Second, be careful not to frequent eating between meals even overkill does not occur in acid secretion throughout the day. Thirdly should be moderation in drinking coffee, tea and soft drinks that lead to acid secretion significantly. Care to eat fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers and moderate acidity of fruits such as apples, so to neutralize the acid in the stomach. Be careful not to eat or drink before going to sleep at least two hours until the acid secretion does not lead to reflux during sleep where man is lying either on the back or Jannbh.oma in the case of increasing complexity of the problem is advised to see a doctor gastroenterology for a telescope of the stomach and esophagus to find out why, The treatment of gastric acidity of the most popular medicines and these medicines are divided into several types as follows: drugs antacid such as Maalox medicine. Drugs that inhibit acid secretion, such as medicine Zntak. This is the most common and widely used drugs, but there are other drugs are disbursed by pathological knowledge of a specialist doctor situation. But the most important thing in dealing with the acidity of the stomach and is always prevention, never.

Prescribed for the treatment of acidity:
It is a pomegranate peel (combines pomegranate peel and dried and then milled fine and then you can eat two ways to choose either of them: –
The first way: – 1 / boil a cup of water in a jug and add a small spoonful of pomegranate peel powder to it … and then drink Kalshaha but it will be very Almarora.
The second method is: – 2 / Add a spoonful of pomegranate peel powder to yogurt, fresh tray mix is ​​then taken up … this Mataathml if it passes the first way.
This method is tried and is considered a successful drug for acidity and heart burn in normal situations, not chronic or delayed cases and where advised to consult a doctor and medical examination proper.
1 drink licorice of the best drinks to cure acidity.

2 eating lettuce.
3 yogurt drink milk without sugar.
Brother Abdul Rahman al-Khatib says he suffers from heartburn and acidity in the stomach and want to use the blood of the two brothers but did not know the quantity Also ask about tragacanth What and where to find them and how using them with the blood of the two brothers?
– Brother Abdulrahman blood brothers can use half a teaspoon to a tablespoon of blood brothers powder and add a quarter teaspoon of tragacanth It is located at Attareen well, then add to Mlekub boiling water and leave for ten minutes and then drink once a day.
Stomach ulcers and treated with herbs

The stomach is located in the upper part of the abdomen, and the function to receive food after chewing, and most of the stomach and intestinal diseases caused by due to the malfunction of the digestive organs and talked stomach ulcer in the men’s three times what occur in women, people over the age of forty more vulnerable to ulcers of the stomach and duodenum and cause inflammatory tissue.

Reasons: –

1) Genetics
2) blood group
3) increase the secretion of gastric juices
4) exposure to psychological pressure and neurological and psychiatric disorders
5) Poor dietary habits
6) binge-eating and lack of timeliness of meals
8) excessive use of alcoholic beverages, wines and Amoostaradh
9) anxiety or persistent sadness or permanent regret the loss of dear or money
10) due to increased acidity or weakness of the inner wall of the stomach
11) stress and excessive smoking
12) Excessive intake of substances that irritate the stomach lining and special membranes lining him (mucus that protects the stomach lining) comes on top of these materials: –

– Tablets and capsules that contain acidic substances such as aspirin and its derivatives
– Solids difficult to digest
– Aharivih excess materials such as chilli and other irritants
– Drinking tea and coffee on an empty stomach
– Eat a hot foods
– Drinking soda water and some effervescent tablets hurt the stomach wall
– Mental stress.

Some of the symptoms: –
1) Calm hunger pain upper abdominal bone at the end of the rib cage
2) pain down special chest when you feel hungry
2) accompanied by the pain of heartburn, nausea and vomiting are also less weight
3) the disappearance of pain after eating or drinking milk or eating chemical medical medication
4) halitosis and Asttaleg his abdomen
5) lack of desire for food
6) feeling the breath of a burning sensation in the abdomen and stomach higher

Ulcers (Almadhwalamaa) and the strengthening of the gut wall
– Use a floured peel pomegranate with Alaslalasali a day on an empty stomach spoon and Other Bedtime
– Banana good treatment for ulcer
The recipe for the treatment of gastric ulcer and Twelver
500 g of licorice powder and 100 g Aslanhal Loose foam.
Emsjan well eaten him filling a spoon on an empty stomach and before going to sleep.
Ulcer treatment with herbs: –
Taken: pomegranate peel (30 grams) – spices (10 grams) – Love Rashad (10 grams) – marble (20 grams) – Licorice (17 grams) – linseed (10 grams) – fennel (20 grams) – Basil ( 20 grams) – mint (20 grams) – chamomile (25 grams) – forgetting (30 grams).

How to use :-
Mix herbs after crushed and taken a teaspoon to a cup of boiling water and sweetened with honey, and drink before eating three times a day for forty days, with the diet of the reasons that cause stomach ulcers.
The treatment of stomach ulcers and heartburn and this treatment fitter
Bring paper aims and paper thyme and parsley, and then take the amount of spoon amid every kind and pour it in a cup of boiling water and leave it for ten minutes and drink them daily for two or three weeks before going to sleep and, God willing Tzuf wellness.
Useful for sore herbs
Licorice Licorice

German doctors is more open than others in the use of herbal medicine, therefore the extensive studies on many of the herbs that can be taken advantage of in the field of health care and within those herbal licorice roots which has already been talked about many times on page Riyadh clinic, I saw the German Constitution with some other world constitutions a weed important in the treatment of many diseases, the most important of stomach ulcers and duodenal contains liquorice on several anti Vehicles for ulcer is the most important compound Aljlazerazin acid (Glycyrrhizic acid) which is similar to influence the effect of cortisone, but it does not cause the side effects caused by steroids that it is an anti-inflammatory Licorice is one of the best materials to treat indigestion caused by ulcers and the dose of powder Licorice is a small spoon to fill a glass of water has been boiled and volatility well and then cover a period of between 10-15 minutes and drink an average of three cups a day.
Preferably used two hours after eating is not used for more than six weeks and for patients with high blood pressure and diabetics and heart patients who suffer from obesity and pregnant diseases not use licorice and can replace one of the other herbs.
Ginger Ginger

We’ve talked in previous pages for detailed ginger and ginger people do not know a lot about him, especially with regard to its effect on the stomach and duodenal ulcers has been known that ginger has effective against infections. Ginger contains 11 compounds have effects on the stomach ulcer and these compounds are 6) shogaol, 6 – gingerol, 8 – shogaol, 8 -gingesol, 10 – pingerol, anr – curcumene, beta = bisalone, 6 – gingediol, betasesquiphell and rene, 6 – gingerdicone and 6 – paradol.
Also, these vehicles effect against bacteria, including the bacteria that we talked about the reasons, Dr. Paul Schulick I’ve said from New England and the author of a book titled Ginger Common Spice and Wonder Drug that ginger if mixed with natural honey, there is no parallel in the treatment of ulcers, particularly that also honey effect on bacteria. As Dr. Paul adds that ginger was being treated for an ulcer key and he deals with daily until after recovering mixed with fruit cocktail which is addressed and which consists of (banana, pineapple, a little cinnamon, a little clove powder, ginger powder and honey).
Says Dr. Paul Schulick of New England and the author of a book titled Ginger Common Spice and Wonder Drug that if ginger blended with natural honey, there is no parallel in the treatment of ulcers, particularly that of honey also has an effect on the bacteria. As Dr. Paul adds that ginger was being treated for an ulcer key and he deals with daily until after recovering mixed with fruit cocktail which is addressed and which consists of (banana, pineapple, a little cinnamon, a little clove powder, ginger powder and honey).
Banana Banana

We all know the bananas, which scientifically known as Musa Paradisiaca and bananas knew of hundreds of years as a remedy for digestive problems due to Tatrith of the digestive tract. In a study conducted on experimental animals proved banana effect on ulcers, ulcer patients can eat a banana finger and one with a glass of milk with the cream before eating a meal at about half an hour with the need to have the milk cold.
Cabbage Cabbage

Already we talked about in previous articles cabbage and talking about today because of its usefulness in the treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers. Is cabbage juice fresh from successful drugs for the treatment of ulcers, as the cabbage juice contains two boats, two important Glutamine (Glutamine) and S methyl Mithaaonin S.methyl- methionine has worked examination by a physician Melvyn Werbach Professor of Clinical assistant in psychiatry at the University of California at Los Angeles and tuner book entitled Nutritional Influences on Illness where they gave ulcer patients fresh juice of cabbage as a treatment for ulcers and clear from the study that 92% improved ulcers have been very noticeable during the first three weeks, compared with 32% of patients who are treated false material does not contain cabbage. It has also another study, patients with Al compound glutamine gave a daily dose of $ 1.600 Mellijm This study has shown that the results of this compound was better than the results of anti-ulcer chemical used to treat ulcers. The proposed cabbage juice dose is a quarter to a third of wrapped once a day, so it’s hard to drink cabbage juice fresh on some patients, I suggested that the work of the following soups: 3 cups water, 2 cups cabbage pieces, 1 cup celery clip, half a cup of okra chopped, ½ cup onion chopped, ½ cup green pepper clip, a small amount of crushed red pepper, a small amount of powdered ginger, very small amount of black pepper and very little amount of cinnamon and a few amount of powder pink powder and a little licorice powder. Put the water, cabbage, celery, okra, onions and pepper in a saucepan and then put on the fire until boiling and so on high heat and then boil Reduce heat and cover, stirring from time to time until the materials are soft and immature then add flavorings tiptoe from each of the red pepper, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, licorice and moved well and then drink to health and wellness.

Azeris Calendula
Already talking about setting Azerbaijanis in the past, but we are talking about today as an antidote for ulcers of the stomach and duodenum. We’ve done a clinical study in Europe for plant Azeris and proved the effectiveness of this plant against ulcers and study suggested that the herb is of great benefit in the treatment of ulcers. This plant contains many compounds have proven to have anti-bacterial effects and antiviral and stimulant to the immune system. Ka it’s used for decades against stomach infections. And the way that about five teaspoons of dry leaf flowers taken Azeris and added to the two-thirds cup of water has been boiled and leave for ten minutes, then drain and drink twice a day.

Chamomile Chamomile
Chamomile plant is a herbaceous plant part used him flowers, contains a volatile oil and most important Alozulin this oil compounds. Chamomile is used boiled in Europe as a drink for the treatment of ulcers, it has advised a large number of outstanding herbalists using this plant. The doctor Rudolf Frxues dean of German medical herbs and author of Herbal medicine has been said that chamomile is a favorite recipe for the treatment of ulcers and there is no other recipe can be commercial preparations built chemical used to treat ulcers. The chamomile flowers are frequently used Kmhim In Europe it considers chamomile distinctive to treat digestive problems, including peptic ulcers because it is doing a potent Adthabat and anti-colic, cramps and antiseptic as well as properties rain for the stomach, and said that if he had an ulcer, it will not be used is chamomile with licorice. Used chamomile flowers, like tea fill a tablespoon of flowers are soaked in filling a glass of water has been boiled for ten minutes, then drain and drink twice a Aleom.eugd of chamomile tea in the form of cosmetics and toiletries codified.
Pineapple Pineapple

Pineapple famous is very small herbaceous plant does not reach a height of one meter and native to South America and is cultivated in order to obtain fruit Almmazh.aaraf pineapple scientifically as Ananas Comosus containing fruits Alonanc bromelain Bromelain, a protein enzymes category which is responsible for the excess of acid in the stomach equation. It also contains a large amount of vitamins A and C using the fruits of the pineapple is ripe to improve digestion and increase appetite and eliminate poor digestion, and is said to be the fruit of the womb tonic. Kmaon ripe fruits cool and emulsifies and used to Thbit stomach gas and reduce the acidity and pineapple fibers have great benefit against constipation. The pineapple juice peptic and tonic and diuretic.
Red Pepper Red Pepper

We all know the red peppers (chili) and first heard the person Chilli name that comes to his mind it’s dangerous to the stomach and duodenal ulcers, and vice versa, studies have shown that the chili containing Kabsasin compound (Capsaicin) is responsible compound for heat red pepper protects the stomach from ulcers has It proved that this compound prevents the formation of ulcers. In addition, the red pepper Anti good for swelling and gases and hardener is contagious and removes muscle pain and antiseptic and streaky and increases blood flow to the skin and calming Gid.ajb not a lot of use of red pepper as the constant use him in high doses may cause damage to the liver and in the kidneys. There in the domestic cosmetics market of red pepper codified and dosage safe side.
Turmeric Turmeric

We talked in detail about turmeric in previous numbers used turmeric on a large scale in India and Asia for the treatment of ulcers and say that turmeric blessing from God to the poor is the treatment of ulcers when the poor and after studies worked in Thailand found that taking Kspolat prepared from turmeric contains 250 Mellijm rate of capsule three times daily heal ulcers and is said to be constructed medicines to treat ulcers was priced eight times the price of turmeric capsules therefore reportedly used turmeric even if you’re rich.
Fruit peels fresh pomegranate or dried and pure honey: famous for cold areas in the Kingdom planting pomegranate is considered one of the finest pomegranate has pomegranate stated in the Qur’an as mentioned in some conversations and our conversation is not a diet has been suggested by many, but our conversation centered around the peel pomegranate contain Afsih materials (tannins) by 20 to 25%, which is a Gall tannins, which includes Granatine, Punicalagin, Punicalin. It has been found that the use of peel fruit powder, if mixed with pure honey gives positive results against stomach ulcers should note that the use of fruit powder alone, but must be mixed with pure honey has this recipe experimented with a large number of patients and gave good results, use equal amounts of powdered fruits of dry or minced pomegranate fruit fresh pomegranate and pure honey and taken from the mix a small tablespoon doses three times a day and taken before a meal around quarter of an hour tbsp. IMPORTANT NOTE: we should not continue to take this treatment after recovery and should not increase the doses for specific doses and do not use the powder without honey.

Fresh potato juice Potato Juice of us do not know the potatoes, but many of us are unaware of its effect on peptic ulcers. Potatoes herbal plant around me scientifically known as Solanum Tuberosum and user part of it tubers in plant roots, which may weigh up each kilogram that were not over and the rest of the parts of the plant Sam Jadda.thtoa potato tubers on a large amount of starch and a large quantity of vitamins such as A, B 1, b-2, c, and K, and minerals, especially potassium and a small amount of the alkaloid atropine potatoes used widely in food, potato starch is a type of starch in the constitutions of medicines, which enters in many pharmaceuticals. Study’ve worked on potato juice specific doses to the stomach and duodenal ulcers and proved its effect on ulcers, largely due to the alkaloid, atropine, which reduces the secretion of acid on the walls of the stomach and the dose specified is a medium-grain flakes and grated well and drink only once a day and should not add salt or flavorings to this juice. You can also use this recipe externally to relieve joint pain, headache, back pain, rashes, Alimoroed used Klbakhh placed on the affected area.

Carob pods or Carob
Carob plant a large tree give the fruits of the long horns of a prophet to the blackish color at maturity and is characterized Beslaptha. Known scientifically as Ceratonia Siliqua and home of the original plant is south-east of Europe, West Asia and North Africa. Carob is cultivated for food off. The part of the plant used medically are fruits and peels leg. The fruits of carob a large amount of sugar, up to 70% and fats, and grew, and protein and vitamins and substances containing Afsih. Used the seeds of the fruits of carob for the treatment of stomach ulcers and so Pthamisa such as coffee and then grind is then added to the amount of filling cups three teaspoons of seeds powder and boiled with water, such as coffee and then displaced from the fire and left to cool a glass taken daily during the day and on several doses for a week and then relaxes the patient weeks and then re-used for another week and so week after week until healing.

Treat colic “thick gut”
Recipe: Size chickpea eat the amount of patience on an empty stomach for a week.
Others Recipe: patience, Rashad (Iva), ginger.
Equal amounts crushed describing on an empty stomach with a glass of honey (water with a tablespoon of honey).
Also abdominal pain:
Teaspoon anise with a cup of boiling water over low heat drank one cup a day for three days.
Survey tablespoon chamomile blossom with two cups of boiling water over low heat drink cup in Chibah and another in the evening for three days.
Colon treat 100%

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