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Cartilage slider – cervical slipped disc – lumbar – disc – sciatica



Cartilage slider – cervical slipped disc – lumbar – disc – sciatica

Spinal vertebrae bone starting from the neck and end Bazimat detached at the bottom of the basin consists of, and has been spine is divided into three three groups, starting from the top paragraphs cervical spine and is composed of seven paragraphs which correspond to the neck area or are the pillar of the neck and 12 thoracic vertebrae correspond to the chest and 5 lumbar vertebrae correspond to the abdomen and 5 sacral vertebrae and 4 vertebrae Asasah corresponds to the end of the pelvis down.

That cases of slipped disc continues to grow due to lack of exercise and lifting heavy objects incorrectly, and note in the picture above that there is cartilage between the bony vertebrae, which works to reduce the pressure on the sub nerves and facilitate bony vertebrae movement when uprightness and bend and change status the body as these cartilage containing gelatinous material and may develop case so that explodes cartilage after the slide, which is required to prevent complications resulting from what happened from irritation of the nerves and the disruption of the function of some of the members and the muscles of the body surgical treatment, and I think that the main reason for spine problems emerging Calanzlaq Aladharovi and curvature or twisting the spine abnormal is the weakness of the muscles of the neck and back that support the spine may occur sliding cartilage between the bony vertebrae cervical and lumbar, and justify my belief by comparing the current situation with the situation in the past fifty years, and what came before, where the ratios glides Aladharovih and other very few other health problems, and sometimes in some rare cases, the health and the reason is the style of life of modern unhealthy and normal work for some and lack of exercise and obesity and spine injuries.
Farmers is one of the most active groups that are making a big physical effort than increase them physical strength include power and back muscles of the neck and the rest of the muscles of the body, and so were a few slipped disc ratios compared to the current of our time.

When a herniated disc occurs in the cervical spine patient complains of pain in the neck and upper limbs and the slippage occurred in the lumbar patient complains of pain down the back and legs and bladder function and control of urination may be affected and is a slipped disc cervical and lumbar more cases commonly used by 15 herniated lumbar herniated disc 1 to my neck and a little what a herniated disc in the thoracic spine happen.

Symptoms and signs :
In the case of cervical slipped disc patient may complain of the following:

A sharp pain in the neck on one side or on both sides.
Pain around the shoulder blade, especially in the affected side sliding cartilage.
The pain may increase when sneezing or coughing or laughing or stretching.
The pain may increase when you move your head in both directions or bend the neck up or down.
Stiff neck muscles and difficulty agitated because of the pain.

In the case of slipped disc lumbar patient may complain of the following:

Severe pain and low back pain may radiate to the back and legs and feet.
Inability to stand for a long time or walking long distances.
Feeling sharp contractions in the ass muscles or legs when walking.
The pain may increase when sneezing or coughing or laughing or stretching.
Balkhdhir feeling, and the wren in the lower limbs.
It may impair the ability to control the bladder (urinate).

In the case of sliding rib cartilage the patient may complain of the following:

Pain in the back and may radiate to the ribcage and ribs.
The muscles that help to breath may suffer from shortness of breath may be affected.
The pain may increase when sneezing or coughing or laughing or stretching.

Like most diseases are the work of clinical examination and discussion of health history and the patient’s complaint.
There are clinical tests as checking the nerve of response and reactions muscles also lift the guy with the preservation of the integrity of which the patient complains of severe pain in the man from the back with some muscle stiffness sometimes occurs, or the patient may be asked to stand on the edge of the fingers of two feet, and this is difficult in If there is a sliding Adharovi lumbar, and can be personalized slipped disc neck trying to bend the head down with the pressure on the head of the higher than severe pain in the neck and stiffness in muscles may occur, that some of the methods of diagnosis and clinical examination, and the diagnosis is confirmed through radiography and include the following tests:

X-ray imaging “X-ray” with tints.

Magnetic resonance imaging waves “MRI.”

Computed Tomography “CTV’s population.”

Electrical muscle “AMG” layout.

Examination of nerve conduction velocity.

the cure:
We have noticed that the majority of the signs and symptoms there is the pain and from here the patient needs to rest and pain medication and physical therapy, and some may need fitness neck in the case of sliding cartilage or corset for the afternoon in the case of slipped disc lumbar and the physician is Aorteurzlk, and this pattern of treatment is recovering a large proportion of the injured disc to slip, which is diagnosed in its infancy, and 95% of the patient to slip cartilage back to the normal situation and exercised his life better, provided that identifies the causes of Glide and avoided Kalaptaad for lifting loads Althaglah and even light loads and the need to follow the road the right to carry things, even if the light which Soordaa later.

Some patients may need to slip cartilage to take medication Alastroyh Kalkotazon and non Astrodah anti-inflammatory and anti-Etbis muscle and for a period of time until the symptoms subside and this is determined by the physician supervisor processor diagnostic images continuously and if not improve the patient may need slipped disc to surgical treatment.
As for the surgical treatment is considered the ultimate solution for the control of pain after that does not give drug therapy and physiotherapy desired interest to relieve the patient’s complaint, and is sucked gestures cartilage Chute using modern techniques, where it became easy to surgeon conducted the operation using local anesthesia and does not take Surgery only an hour or less, and the patient may have spent some hours or days in the hospital and then begins to walk after six hours of surgery is complete, and is considered a success rate
The operation of these high and relies heavily on the skill of the surgeon, and the technique used in the surgery, and that has become rare paralysis of the lower limbs occurs in the case of some technical problems occur during chondrectomy slider.


Pharmacological treatment failure and natural and continuing back pain and may become chronic.
Surgical treatment failure or occurrence of slipped disc again in some cases.
Weakness and a sense of control in the lower limbs, and urinary bladder.

Preventive methods:

Exercise regularly and would advise the sport of running and swimming.
Avoid lifting loads, even if the light is not healthy.
Avoid physical movements and fast bends and spine injuries.
The treatment of obesity and reduce excess weight and maintaining fitness.
Follow neurologist feeling back pain or neck surprise.

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