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E-commerce is Permeating Every Institution and House

E-commerce is one of the Newest Terms Permeating Every Institution and House

E-commerce is one of the modern expressions, which began to permeate every institution and house
E-commerce is one of the modern expressions, which began to permeate every institution and house


E-commerce is considered one of modern terminology that began to permeate every institution and house. It is being used in many life activities pertaining to revolution of information and communication technology.

E-Trade is a term that can be divided into two sections:

The first “trade” refers to the economic activity of trading goods and services between governments and institutions, while individuals are governed by a number of internationally recognized rules and regulations.

The second section “E” refers to the description of trade method or performance, and is intended to business performance, With the media and electronic methods such as the Internet.

e-commerce can be defined as the modern method of trading goods and services in a fast way. It includes the use of the Internet, search and retrieval of information in order to support trade between individuals and organizations

Sections of Commerce

Trade in general is divided into 3 sections:

1. purely traditional trade
2. purely E-Commerce
3. partial E-Commerce

When the agents or goods are tangible, concrete and practical item, then the type of trade is purely traditional trade. but when the agent is digital and goes through digital process, then the type of trade would be pure e-commerce.

If one of the three factors (agent – Item – process) is a digital concrete, it would be a combination of trade between traditional and electronic commerce. We call this mix: partial e-commerce.

For example, if you buy a book from Amazon, the trade type is partial because the e-commerce company
will send you the e-book. But if you buy  the software from Amazon, The trade type here is purely e-commerce because the company would send you the software via the Internet or email.

The process of buying a can of cola by smart cards can Be within the partial electronic commerce.


Electronic markets
The market is a place of trade and transactions and relationships for the exchange of products and services
, Information and funds. Mediators (two brokers) are not only in different places, but rarely know each other.
The modes of communication between individuals in the electronic market vary from one individual to another and from one case to another.

Features of e-commerce:
Shopping online may give you the opportunity to see the product and the seller. It also gives you the opportunity to have:
– comparing the prices of a number of business interests at the same time.
– Fuller view of the details of the product  through the parent company site.
– Reading the feedback of other people have used this product.
– knowing other products and their prices with greater positive returns.


e-commerce includes the following business:

1. The delivery of goods and following-up the procedures Operations
2. payment of financial obligations
3. concluding contracts and contract deals
4. negotiation and interaction between buyer and seller
5. customer relationships that support the buying and selling and after-sales services
6. Information about goods and services
7. announcement of the goods and services
8. Support for goods purchased by customers
9. electronic data interchange (Electronic Data Interchange) including:
1. Banking
2. electronic invoicing
3. querying Goods
4. catalogs Price
5. correspondence mechanism associated with buying and selling

e-commerce Recipes

e-commerce features include:

1. There is no use of paper documents in the implementation of commercial transactions,
The interaction and exchanges among dealers are electronically performed without using any type of securities.
Therefore, the electronic message is legally recognized by the parties in the event of any disagreement between the dealers.

2. e-commerce can be handled through more than one party at the same time,
Thus, each party can send e-mails to a very large number of recipients at the same time,
There is no need to send it again.

3. The interaction between the two dealers in e-commerce is done by the network. What distinguishes this method is that more than one party can deal at the same time while being on the network.

4. e-commerce lacks joint coordination between all countries so we don’t have a specific law for each state
taking into account the laws of other countries, which in turn hinders the universal application of e-commerce.

5. e-commerce can provide service, non-material, directly and through the communications network,

For example, reports, research and studies, pictures and the like.

6. Computer systems in the business are used to find and save the flow of data and information between the two parties

Types of electronic commerce

1. electronic commerce companies provide services to individual customers or consumers (Business-to-Consumer),
And it referred to the term Acronym B2C, which represents the commercial exchange between the companies on the one hand, Customers and individuals on the other.

2. E-commerce companies to companies (Business-to-Business),
And it referred to the symbol Acronym B2B; representing electronic trade exchange between the company and another.

3. Trading of consumer services to companies to: (Business -to- Consumer)
And it includes individuals who sell products or services to companies.

4. electronic trade from consumers to consumers (Consumer -to- Consumer)
It includes consumers who sell to consumers more directly if the consumer put ads
In his personal website on the Internet or other sites interested in this purpose for the sale purposes or personal experiences.
This type also includes auctions on the Internet site such as Ebay.

5. -tjarh electronic non-profit ((Nonbusiness EC: include a lot of religious and social institutions,
Where it used multiple types of e-commerce in order to reduce costs and improve the institution Directors of the Corporation
And customer service.

6. E between institutions: This column includes all internal activities of the institution -altjarh
Which is often done on the internal network of the company, which includes the exchange of products, services or information.
And these activities range from the sale of the company’s products to employees to activities that aim to reduce the
The cost of enterprise management and staff training using networks.


e-commerce benefits  for customers:

– Saving time and effort: open electronic markets (e-market)
Permanently (throughout the day without any holiday), customers do not need to travel or wait in a queue to buy a particular product,
As they can have this product to be transferred to the house. And it does not require the purchaser of more than a click on the product products,

They just enter some information about credit card. There are many credit cards provide appropriate payment systems such as the use of electronic money (E-money).

– Freedom of choice: e-commerce provides a wonderful opportunity to visit Different types of shops on the Internet, and in addition to that, it provides customers full information about the products. And it is all done without any pressure from vendors.
– Lower prices: There are many online companies that sell goods at prices lower than traditional supermarkets,
This is because online shopping saves a lot of costs incurred in the normal shopping, which is in the interest of customers.

– Neil user satisfaction: the Internet provides an interactive communications directly, Which allows companies in the online marketplace (e-market) to take advantage of these features to answer customer inquiries quickly, then providing better services to clients and accounts for satisfaction.

Benefits of e-commerce community:
Electronic Commerce allow the individual to work in his house and reduce the time available for shopping, which means congestion, Less traffic on the streets and reduction of air pollution ratio.

-Electronic commerce allows  people to buy goods online not physical, which means raising the standard of living of society as a whole.
-Electronic commerce allows people living in third world countries to own products and goods is
Originally available in their countries. You can also get a university certificates via the Internet.

-E-commerce Facilitates electronic distribution of public services such as health, education and social services at a price.


Advice on E-commerce:

1. Safety: it is necessary to give you the location you intend to buy from him, a security certificate certified show you in there sites. it even protects credit card information dealing with them where to buy from there sites.
It is also essential to provide a reputable site.

It is not wise to buy something from its history and reputation. This certificate is the requirements of any site as a commercial hosting sites that provide you with all the ease of such protection.

2. Preview: depends on the item itself. In some commercial sites that sell books allows you to read several pages
Of the book in order to inspect the book before you buy it. The same thing applies to the software allowing you to download the software.

But the preview be very difficult or impossible if you wanted to buy furniture for the home or buy household products. It is Very difficult to watch a preview in this case before purchased. Therefore baptizing vendors to give you the freedom to return Item in case of  after a certain period of time if the seller requires that the goods be sold
Returns to replace or after one month from the date of sale. Of course preview the item is purchased by the best in all circumstances.

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