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Ship Repairing


 Ship Repairing

It was developed with Dubai Drydocks World to meet the needs repairing oil tankers that cross the Gulf region. Activity remains Ship Repairing the main activity of the shipyard and the main source of the company’s annual revenue. The company’s services portfolio includes large oil tankers and oil tankers and giant bulk carriers and container ships and ships moving vehicles and cars and cargo ships and tankers gas, chemicals, marine vessels and rigs. The company has since its inception repaired more than 6 thousand Esfinh.o total ships that have undergone more than 500 million tons of Repair weight.


The Drydocks World Dubai to receive the largest ship in the world in a dry basin “Knock Nevis”, which was formerly known as “Jahri Viking,” several times before they are later converted to a storage vessel and unloading. He also owned shipyard repair ships by ship owners independents and major oil companies.

And enjoys a shipyard in Dubai with a capacity in excess of one million tons, which allows the award of many of the ships and the mechanics of drilling at the same time.


The company has established a unique position through its multi-scale tasks on ships offshore platforms and rigs and offshore drilling equipment brought performance.


The company succeeded in the repair and renovation of more than ninety ship offshore platforms over the past two decades.


The company is one of the key players in the repair of liquefied natural gas tankers markets where owns a modern workshop equipped to work under low temperatures to enhance its capabilities in serving this sector.

The company has repaired the first ship tanker of liquefied natural gas in 1996, a kind of “Moss”, which was considered the largest gas transport ship at the time. Since then, it has been more than 80 tankers of liquefied natural gas from the two types of “moose” and “Mmbraan” Repair at the shipyard.


The company entered into a technical services agreement with “Gazatransbort Land Teknigaz” since 2004 to repair the containment of the type “Mmbraan” system In addition, the engineers maintain local specialists available in maintenance services manufacturers standards to oversee the maintenance of shipping pumps “Shinko” valves Osaka “and” Nakakita “and” Fukui “and transfer system” Vukspreu “systems monitor vibrations” Bentley “and” Nevada “


Marine Repair

There is a section dedicated to ship repair services repair shall floating ships fast and trustworthy for many customers around the world. For the section of its own workforce is composed of engineers and maintenance supervisors and technicians with expertise along with specialized workshop to take over repairs and shipping work. Marine repair department a member of the “International Federation of Mataluk”, as adopted by the MAN B & W.


Help to repair, improve and change the hydraulic systems for boats on the beach and in the hulls and trekking through the hydraulic section of the Department of Marine repairs.

Moreover, the department also caters to clients in this sector and deployed in the region’s requirements. And it includes the usual work of the section Repair all kinds of marine cranes, cranes and steering lever system and shipping systems and control valves currents. The department is equipped properly for pressure testing and cleaning of hydraulic systems.


And services offered by the department, hydraulic pipe processing and cleaning of various hydraulic systems in converting ships to ships unloading and storage of oil and gas ((FPSO and oil and gas tankers (FSO) projects and the construction of new vessels in the pelvis.


Marine repair department is equipped to take on specialized works such as:


· Main engines and backup (workshop supported by MAN B & W)

· Turbine: the main pump and pump load


· Hydraulic services: testing, repairs and maintenance


· Repairs iron pipes and repair of electric motors and re-wrapped

· Band mobile for repairs and cleaning of reservoirs

· Blocker water leak propellers and Transmission

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