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 Reasons for ships and means of preventing accidents

The causes of accidents vary from year to year, but most of the casualties occur as a result of drowning usually due to storms or stress suffered by the vessel’s hull or fires, explosions or delinquency and collision coral reefs, it is clear that small-sized and old ships are more vulnerable to the dangers of the sea from large ships and modern in general, so the international Maritime Organization (IMO) to try to resolve these problems and address them in different ways, and the organization has to adopt procedures represented in several agreements, regulations and recommendations entered into force in many countries of the world and arguably universally applicable, and these agreements, regulations and Altusiataattnol standards safety for the shipping industry in order to:


The prevention of accidents and prevent or reduce their occurrence.
Reduce the likelihood of recurrence of incidents that Tqaaadh.


The Safety at Sea Treaty in 1974 is considered the most important treaties related to marine safety is applied to 97% of the world fleet.


Navy ships incidents around the world, including the captain of a ship with a story of horror and the sinking of his ship ,,,


In 1912 collided with the passenger carrier mighty Titanic a mountain of ice led to the cracking of her body and sank in the icy waters of the North Atlantic Ocean sank with more than one thousand five hundred men, women and children, a ship which he said the engineer who oversaw the construction of the Titanic ship designed in a way not sink with it at all, and the Glory of God, it is a strange irony that it sank in the first voyage sailed in, the loss (Titanic) might have been incidents, which numbers in the millions since the man left the safety and fought the midst of the sea, and even when the vessels reach the objectives it has been passengers telling stories filled with horror and fear to those experienced by their ships from storms and the dangers of even the largest ships in size were not immune from it, and in 1925 faced a passenger carrier called (for Evelthan), which was a capacity of 54,282 tons Hba (no larger than the Titanic eight thousand tons volumetric) a gale in the middle Atlantic has described the state of his ship captain in the center of that storm with the following words: –


(We were on the deck as if we ride (horror train) in games and in most of the times I was not even able to stand up, and was the only moments when I recover my balance is when the ship is in the middle of the valley wave (between Jnbhe) was the sounds that come from ships as a result of wind passing Besuariha and cords like a screaming while the voice hit the water whenever descended from above the crest of a wave is like the sound of thunder) it was a sea and over the centuries and even now takes us each year for a sizeable enough number of victims where it is estimated, for example, the number of vessels it crashed near the British coast quarter of a million ship was the share of the years 1824 and 1825, for example, 3690 ship, also in 1987 hit a record high in the number of human lives that were lost at sea during peacetime since the sinking of 3841 people, including 3132 people from a passenger ferry (Dona Paz), which sank near the coast of the Philippines after a collision accident ..


It was a (Albraizadnt) the first ship in the convoy sad passenger ships that were lost as they try to cross the Atlantic in March 1854, for example, it sank called (City ship Of Glasgow) when he was heading to New York and took with them 480 people to the depths of the ocean, and in August the same year, sank called the ship (Arctic) the impact of the collision near Nafalland were not spared from the occupants of the 368 only 45 people, and Badchehr that sank the ship (City of Philadelphia) near (Newfoundland) in the first flight, in January 1858 killing 186 passengers were on board the ship named (Pacific) died

Warships incidents in missions Searahalaskarah

There is no doubt that the development that is in the field of arms and military equipment is a continuous process go-go with the passage of time, and in the field of naval warfare that the development in the field of naval armament in the same marine units, according to several factors, including: technological and practical development, which includes all areas, as most of the innovations have military uses, and this increases the volume of maritime accidents, especially in the later times.

Has been featured recently in the direction of Ttaiwirahjm vessels towards cutting new naval characterized by small size and high technical and combat capabilities, this may become units, a small surface ships, can carry high capacities Nanah less load when compared to similar units in the past .
The aircraft striking force carriers Alriashlosatil great powers, it can not dispense with the presence of aircraft carriers in the big strike squad, heading development now for the manufacture of smaller, it can be utilized in the medium Admirals aircraft carriers, as development takes a general trend toward specialized, and so designed some aircraft carriers to defend against submarines, and this quality carrying a large number of helicopters and planes far devoted to the discovery of submarines and a number of aircraft Almqatlhltover air protection formations Find submarines term poll.

One of the new brands of those dedicated maritime Ibrar aircraft carriers, carrying a large number of soldiers assigned to carry the equipment and helicopters, as well as helicopters to help the earth.


Each of the foregoing, it is worthwhile to highlight the incidents of warships from the battleships designed to fight at sea or aircraft carriers, Oonql to the soldiers, and to ensure the consequent heavy losses lie in mobile damage on board of the soldiers, equipment and weapons, planes or heavy artillery or mild.

Definition of accidents:

Accident collect accident from happening, and happening: the fact that after the thing that we did not, and events: find. Whether the updated substance or presentation.

It is said everything near his reign: It was actually an updated or word. Ibn al-Qayyim said: ‘Seventy interest: If an incident in which no words to one of the scientists there, is it permissible diligence where Balavta governance or not? The three aspects: One: may, and it shows fatwas imams and their answers, they were asking for the incidents did not occur them Vijtahedon them.

The fact warships incidents at sea:

We warfare incidents definition of maritime accidents issues that was what happens to warships at sea from a collision or help save or contrary to the assets of safety or breach of international conventions or naval wars or celestial lesions Ookhosarat freely to other matters relating to this term.

Maritime accidents and their causes rating:

Through extrapolation of maritime accidents to ships in general in various forms and types can Osnfea Abyan and its
causes are as follows:

Event of the first rank; he injured warship damage can be repaired at the site by ship maintenance crew, without the need to hire personnel or equipment from the outside of the unit owners of the vessel.

Happened from the second place, an injury warship damage can be repaired on site by maintenance personnel Mstdein second-line maintenance.


Event ranked third; he injured warship damage can be repaired on-site, but beyond the technical capabilities of the unit owner of the ship, and it must seek the assistance of a specialized or an external point of a contract with a private company.

Event from fourth place: a warship injury damage can not be repaired on-site and must evacuate the ship floated by the warship to sea Distance specialist workshop for repair or resorting to an outside contract with a private company.

Event fifth place; it is the existence of a serious defect can not be repaired at all or crash warship and completely lost, and are in this case removed the Lost Ark of the royal records of the unit until it found or its wreckage.


Second: the causes of warships incidents:

The incidents that exposed warships to the reasons set is returned:

Human errors by the crew; these errors include the failure of any of the crew members of the worker, including a failure for the right reasons in the implementation of actions that must be mastered implemented, thus causing the accident or event.

Human errors from non-crew include any member of the maintenance personnel failed to implement the work must be mastered, which causes or is involved in the occurrence of the maritime incident of the warship, and are classified as human error is usually to deliberate mistakes, or errors of judgment, or because of neglect and negligence, when it does not It is given adequate attention in the performance of duty.


Technical error; and includes a breakdown or a crash of a warship parts, or any system of systems, equipment, or both of them Oomahmulh ground in the sea, even though compliance with the technical specifications and subject to periodic scheduled maintenance work.

Organizational error; it includes errors that occur warships in the sea due to inadequate policies, or lack of administrative efficiency. And falls under that: the failure to provide full and adequate training of the crews, or lack of technical awareness, or error in Supply, whether or fuel oils or human necessary by force.

Error outside the system; and include Alokhtaoualta graduated from the direct supervision of the military point of the ship owner; such errors, the entity responsible for the operation of ports, or orientation and guidance sea.
Error not been determined with certainty; a mistake that is available doubts about the responsibility for the incident, but the commissions of inquiry did not reach what Aakdzlk.

Self-destruction of the warship, including damage caused by the reflux of missiles for military vessels, or aircraft carriers; as well as damage caused by Altdhaguetah counter waves generated from the nearby targets, Oohjum wrong in the same military aircraft.

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