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E-commerce Definition


E-commerce Definition

E E Commerce and Trade is simply a sale and purchase of goods, services and information through the use of the Internet where he will meet buyers and sellers and brokers across the digital world through different locations in order to display goods and services and identify and communicate, negotiate and agree on the details of buying and selling as you know Trade Commission e-Arab network of contacts Egyptian e-commerce as «the implementation of some or all of the business transactions in goods and services, which are among the commercial side and another, or between consumer commercial point of using information and communication technology» which is authorized as well as by the World trade Organization definition.

As is done through the Internet also pay for the transaction through the operations of money transfer via credit or other means of electronic payment cards can also combine the means of electronic and traditional commerce at the same time by doing part of the procedures in the electronic medium, such as the agreement on the price, quantity and complete the remainder through concrete activities such as the inspection of goods to or received from the place of shipment or cash payment.

Forms of e-commerce
There were two main types of e-commerce in terms of the parties to contact the two trade between the Company (Business to Business) and between consumer company (Business toConsumer) and though there is a third type is less common, which people trade with individuals and highlights a more pronounced over the Internet that are sold Auctions where new and used goods Perhaps the most striking locations of these auctions is that site which is known as eBay.

The owners of goods display their goods on the auction website by an image of the product with the stated all specifications and determine the initial price for the open auction and the bidders to propose different prices to buy the item and win it in the end, the highest price, provided that this is done before the deadline of the end of the auction, and perhaps companies are jointly in a unified site of many companies that are classified according to the activity that involved in it, or by buying and selling offers or import or export, or by geographical distribution, divided sites you this service to free sites and is free where they are in the first submission Declaration of the goods service contain and buy and sell, and get all the information and services the site free of charge, while the second does not get the service or Jzemnha only by paying a fee in the image of a monthly or yearly subscription or otherwise.

It is worth mentioning that the free sites you get a fair amount of physical return through the publication of the price paid advertisements with special specifications that are different from free advertising on goods in terms of location, size and manner of presentation and the colors used.

Advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce
Despite the advantages that countless e-commerce and the vast benefits that accrue to the merchant and the consumer and the community as a whole to provide the time and access to prospects luxuriant not been able to attain e-commerce, but it is still suffering a lot of problems and obstacles that prevent full use of its services and features great .

The advantages and benefits of e-commerce
The most important characteristic of e-commerce activities is low cost compared to traditional trading activities to a large extent as it does not need to store or shows Oomkhazn or marketing complexes It is enough put a website to publicize the company’s activities and showcase their products and their advantages as it can also lead to reducing the number of employees of the company as sufficient number does not exceed the fingers of one hand to supervise the e-commerce and customer service activities.

The availability of an electronic record of the activities of the company
Allows e-commerce for the company’s activities and the presence of an electronic record of each company’s operations from the sale, purchase and names of customers accurately not likely to mistake an advantage because it depends on the recording technology to the computer which saves cost, time and effort to use paper-based activities as required by the consumption of materials and the presence of a large number of employees and most likely of error in the data recording.

Greater efficiency in marketing
The company can through its website achieve better marketing of their products and more effective through access to a huge number of consumers around the world for 24 hours a day where they can receive consumer requests at any hour of the day or night, and respond to them immediately. You can also receive consumers or merchants suggestions and work to improve the company’s products and to avoid any defects as the company can also explain all the details of the product and how to use it or even if the chemical composition of a chemical or put on the air guide the user directly.

Identify competitors
The company can identify the products and prices of competitors, allowing them to study the market and develop the most competitive prices in order to achieve success and get a substantial share of the customer and can identify new ideas in the field in which they operate in order to further innovation and improve product and stay at the level of the competition.

The ability to communicate with partners
The company can connect more easily its partners or customers through e-mail or instant messaging to communicate via online programs leading to a stand on the needs of different markets and achieve continuous communication with the public.

Easy access to product
The company’s customers can get their products at any time without contention or waiting but once the pressure on the keyboard can send the completed application company is sending out the product in the case as soon as the customer to pay for it and can the company’s customers to get their products at any time without contention or waiting but once the pressure on the keyboard can be sent to the company’s purchase order and sends the product in the case as soon as the customer to pay for it through one of the means of electronic payment.

Formation more specialized markets
E-commerce that make it possible to create more specialized markets in ways that may not be possible through traditional means of commerce where they can, for example, create a site to sell a certain type of flowers or building materials, food or PC Tools.

Telecom cost less
Internet offers a cheap touch the price increased significantly compared to the traditional means of communication such as the telephone and fax as lead to saving time and effort where it can, for example, send an e-mail to multiple parties at the same moment

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