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How gold industry


How gold industry

Gold Gold is a chemical element in either on the surface of the earth’s crust in the form of granules inside the rocks, and in the depths of rivers, or in the ground in the form of veins, a yellow and shiny, but the gold in nature often exist with other metals such as copper, lead, gold and is one of the high-density minerals, few corrosion.

A metal is precious and has a very high value, making a lot of people use as a criticism, except for inserted into ornaments and jewelry that adorned the women’s industry, so as to Aonth and amenability for Roads and clouds, and thus formed as required, and the men used it to decorate guns, daggers, swords and so of the things that keep and take pride and take pride in it in front of others.

The gold industry of the few industries trading, because not only mastered by craftsmen who have inherited the craft from their parents and grandparents who Saortonha in a post to their children in the future, and here we will shed light on the stages and steps of manufacturing gold.

Gold stages of making gold industry going through several stages, which are set out as follows: the first phase:

the beginning Besbakh gold 24 carat or went broke. When you begin Besbakh it is made certain mathematical equation so as to be converted to 18-gauge, or 21, or 22, but in the case of gold fracture should see No.

caliber before you begin to treat it, because in some cases it may be the caliber less, and then be adjusted carat gold by Caliber the required. Second stage:

the stage of stones installed.

At first piece is detected so as to identify any observations on them. After that stage is going to install stones, here it is cleaned widget and refined as they pass each stage of the work, to then produce a piece polished and beautiful moves to final cleaning stage, so it is cleaned using chemicals. The transfer piece to machine the vibrator so as to give it the desired color, so that each caliber bullets from his own gold colors, and more recently has been the introduction of new colors other than the traditional known to us.

Widget go to the final monitoring phase, so as to put the seal caliber it before it is delivered to the buyer.

And it is used for many of the tools in this way, with its own chainsaw cutting the gold, and scissors for the formation of gold as required, it is worth mentioning that the piece made in this way are not copied, as are parts industry as per the customer’s desire.

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