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Benefits of silver in medical treatment and prevention


Benefits of silver in medical treatment and prevention

Silver is one of the precious metals such as gold and currently, but less the value of it, but silver harder than gold retractable and roads extent slightly less than the gold, the greater the degree of purity of silver Zadeh ability to transmit electricity and heat between the metal, symbolizing the silver symbol (Ag) and It is an abbreviation for the word (Argentum) and the Latin word ratio back to Argentina, where silver has been found in large quantities, fused silver at 961.63 degrees Celsius and boiling at a temperature of 2212 Celsius.

Silver benefits of preventive and curative.
Silver curative and preventive benefits, like some of the metals that were used in the medical and preventive purposes, and has been used since ancient times.

Silver benefits of healing and preventive old.

1. ancient Arabs were using silver in water purification, where they were out of date put the water in the proximity that have been made from the skin of a sheep to take with them in their travels was being filled with water up to three-quarters of them and leave the rest to the air and then placed in the bagpipes with water silver currency which cut the Tsahk of silver, and with the movement of water within the vibrating bagpipes, leading to a particularly silver coins to each other Vtnfsal precision parts in the form of ultra-soft silver powder mixed with water, who shall this powder to eliminate bacteria that can grow in the water.

2. As was Tsthaddam silver in the treatment of palpitations, as well as fluid retention and epilepsy and madness that may use this expression.

3. silver nitrate in the eighteenth century, gained a lot of fame and preference where they were used in the treatment of wounds and ulcers, and most of the skin diseases and in the nineteenth century, there were about 60 medical preparation or treatment of silver exists on pharmaceutical lists at that time.

4. all known Chinese civilization and especially what is known as Chinese acupuncture or Alugz acupuncture and is a therapeutic technique used in Chinese for nearly 7,000 years, the Chinese have known the importance that exist in silver metal and its ability to fight the bacteria, so they were used needles made of silver.

5. India’s intervention was silver in conventional therapies (Ayurveda) and including the treatment of fever, chronic intestinal inflammation, excessive activity of the bitterness, the Raiders menstrual blood, and many other ailments.

6. The ancient Greeks were eating their food in pots decorated with silver not only for its value, but for the health benefits also quoted Hippocrates, doctors in Greece were using soft silver dust in disinfect wounds.

Silver benefits of healing and preventive recently.

1. silver within the compounds that are used in ointments industry currently.

2. Also currently used in foot treatment of diabetes Here, of course, is working to adjust the sugar to be at normal levels, or as close as possible in the body, then worked baths or foot soak the infected water mixture with water oxygen Restaurant ions silver whereupon silver to kill organisms and minute germs contaminating wounds and ulcers in the foot and left a thin layer of silver on those infected foot works to prevent the growth of bacteria and microorganisms.

3. The newly applied the idea of ​​the Arabs put pieces of silver coins in the water near where the airline to apply, but by coating a layer of silver in water purification systems, so that Americans and Russians are using water treatment systems using silver Mkukathm in space, there is also carbonated water bottling companies in the last stage of the mobilization pass gaseous water in the pipes made of silver or at least is put pieces of silver in the pipes to carry out the sterilization where the silver to kill germs and bacteria.

Here we must recognize the important term and is in influencing medical or therapeutic and preventive for silver and is colloidal silver or colloidal silver heterogeneous and is meant silver dissolved in another substance, and distributed between molecules evenly and must distinguish between colloidal silver, silver nitrate They are all silver compounds of silver, but differ in their characteristics and advantages.

Thinking in reference to the treatment of silver in the seventies of the last century began, but on the actual or the actual Silver Back in modern medicine came after a search that has been at Saint Louis University and the Kano in which the research team to seek access to a powerful antiseptic and effective for the treatment of burns and may They reached the silver, but the use of silver nitrate, but silver nitrate was large molecules and Tzb to burn tissue and they have diminishing, and may have had the very good, where the killing of bacteria and especially aerobic false and other types of bacteria and microbes fierce and bacteria but silver nitrate was causing disturbance in the balance of salts in the body as it is heavy and lead to dye anything you touch so the pursuit team to search for an alternative to nitrate silver and has the same effect without the side effects that reach what is known as silver colloidal and is the only silver solution which is deposited under the skin and from this research began scurrying to enter the actual silver or to return for medical applications and specifically heterogeneous colloidal silver and the benefits of this type: –

1. can easily penetrate the body and roam it.

2 is a catalyst.

3. This Mahlo works to inhibit enzymes that are found in all kinds of bacteria or microbes which are Bastqlab oxygen at and are the way they spend their silver to the bacteria.

4. so far do not indicate any results that it is working to develop the types or resistant to them, unlike the case with other antibiotics where the bacteria have developed resistance strains strains.


It should be noted that the uses and benefits of colloidal silver homogeneous whole laboratory so far has not definitively adopted by the World Health Organization, therefore, be used as an effective treatment is a pilot so there are some who say that the silver effect in the treatment of a number no small species of some cancers and it was due to that certain types of cancers, bacterial, and has talked about the impact of silver in the elimination of bacteria, even those that immunity be against antibiotics, and this solution is a double-edged sword is that is not manufactured accurately turn into a toxic substance rather than substance therapeutic.


Other information about Micaenakh silver illness cases the treatment may be the reason for the failure to adopt this type of medication and treatment that he has not yet been reached to how or mechanical silver work in therapy only observed their impact caused and is Herbal influence or preventive, but so far scientists did not reach how they work or doing that task and is part of the mystery of this drug, but did not prevent her return to some of the physical processors, which have proven their success.


Side effects of the use of silver.

here are those who suffer from allergies of silver and it could be due to a lack of vitamin (E) or to a selenium deficiency, or of their food contains a large amount of selenium or who suffer from genetic diseases that affect the process of metabolism of selenium and vitamin E, as well as Patients with cirrhosis liver, and there are some people sensitive to silver for reasons scientists have not determined yet, so even after the official recognition of this kind of treatment must take into account this effect in some people.

Silver in the clean atmosphere do not change color, so you can use a piece of pure silver to know Do you live in an atmosphere of pure or not.

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