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Depression and frustration



Depression and frustration

an introduction
– Feelings of sadness than normal sensations experienced by each person to a certain degree in Hyate.- considered either depression is a psychiatric condition in which the senses so much adversely affect the activities Aleomah.- and depression is one of the most mental problems Cioaa.- depression affects women twice what affects men .- often relieved depression Automatically days or a few weeks later, but in other cases may require the support of specialized help, and people who suffer from severe depression in to the hospital so as not to Espbwa harm to Onevshm.- depression is part of the full spectrum of different temperaments, which needs experienced by the people, we are all going through in times of happiness and Ouhzn often reflect on our feelings and Haourna.- and feeling sad is normal between now and then, but it became a sense of constant become depressed, this indicates that there was some deficiency in the balance of neurotransmitters in the brain, which makes it imperative to do something Tjaha.opalmthel, each of us periods of pride and activity feel, but that the situation has become a permanent activity was excessive or what is known as manic-mania, it means that mental job dysfunctional and require medical help to restore the functions of the mind and behaviors to normal.

Signs and symptoms of depression – apathy and indifference are Aam.- low activity levels Mtwasal.- wrench Alzar.- melancholy Daim.- weakness in Almakrh.- Alsaddaa.- trouble Almadh.- bad mood Bastmrar.- inability to cope with Alassaab.- insomnia or waking up early in the morning (although some tend to over-sleep) .- losing the desire to practice Gans.- loss of appetite (although some may jittery excessive appetite) .- loss of the focusing lack of esteem Balnevs.- guilt. – Kulq.- downer obsessions and fantasies of fake and ideas is Aklanah- thinking of harming Alnevs.- agitation and lack of physical stability.
Survey revealed depression
If you were not sure Are you depressed or not, brought the paper and answer the following questions yes or no:
1. I feel sad and carefree most of the time.
2. I no longer enjoy the things as it was in the past.
3. I thought about suicide.
4. I feel that I do not have the benefit of no one needs me.
5. I lose my weight.
6. I suffer from insomnia long.
7. I am a lot of movement and I can not stay constant.
8. my mind is not serenity, which I used it.
9. I feel tired for no reason.
10. I feel hopeless about the future.
The result:-
– If you answered yes to the first two questions might you suffer from major depression – If you answered yes to two questions at least of questions from 4 to 10 may be suffering from a slight depression (preferably visit a doctor) – If you answered yes to question 3, contact your on immediately.

Causes of Depression

– During a major transition periods of life: such as divorce or the transition from cumbersome period to the age of Arashd.- nervous pressure Hdidh.- to live with other family members injured Balaktiab.- suffers often people with anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder and other psychiatric disorders or loss of Alaktiab.- the death of a loved one or close Mna.- problems in relations with Alakharan.- weakness Asahh.- to take care of the health of people for periods Taiwilh.- troubles and problems Madah.- problems related Balaml.- disputes still Aalqh- accumulation of problems to the point where it can not be borne by the person .- physiological factors Ktdna thyroid hormone levels (hypothyroidism) .- hormonal problems that can occur after birth or in a break Tmt.- factors related to lifestyle Kalasrav alcohol abuse or depression Almkhaddrat.- can appear suddenly without available a clear mandate and the factors that knows depressed inner Almnco.- there is evidence that some people genetically inclined to depression raised the incident or series of events.
Treatment without drugs

– It is important to request doctor’s advice if you suffer from a continuing depression, it is also necessary on both the thought of suicide, seek medical help Fora.- may find it useful for you to look some things lingering in your mind with your doctor, or perhaps with one close to you and often beneficial treatment Walkman someone neutral to your problems without being judged or criticized. – Your doctor may suggest assistance of a counseling providers or psychologist doctor to examine Haltkn despite the fact that there is a lot of overlap between these two curricula, Valenasah usually tends to focus on your feelings and helps you to understand, while the psychiatrist seeks to change negative patterns of thinking and direct it in a more positive curve .- support and is one of the various parties is useful where can family and friends present, provide a source of support and encouragement daily assistance, however, not every person lucky enough to score in order to be Uncle care at such times.
Treat depression drug antidepressant

Your doctor may prescribe a course of drug therapeutic anti-depressants in accordance with psychotherapy and works of these drugs that are available for many patterns to adjust the balance of chemicals in the brain.

Here are the three main Nzkralviat of anti-depressant drugs:

1. re Alserotin elective inhibitors SSRIs
2. mono inhibitors Secretary Alooksidiz MAOIs
3. antidepressants heterogeneous annular structure (tricyclic antidepressants) HCAs

Now we come to the details:

Class I: inhibitors re Alserotin optional SSRIs
It works to strengthen Activity neurotransmitter Balserotonin by delaying the re-capture the nerve endings him again
To understand this mechanism Look at the picture below:

Explaining the image above:
May have infected Balakitab trace amounts of the neurotransmitter “serotonin” is available to activate the right cells Almkh.valy the end of a neuron firing Alserotonin.oaabbar some serotonin synapse and activates the cell Althanih.otaid sent a message to the cell Alathbyh Also some serotonin uptake of new, depriving Almstqublh.fla get him to the cell of the latter on the adequacy Menh.oma on the left who shall inhibitor of serotonin re-optional (such as fluoxetine) Aaajh slows the absorption of serotonin sent cell process so increase the amount of serotonin available to the cell goes back equilibrium
Among the most famous of these inhibitors commonly used:
* Filoksian.
Albaroxatin *. *

And these inhibitors are not effectively third category (ie antidepressants heterogeneous) Like other antidepressants usually take several weeks to reach full effectiveness.
Side effects:
* Irritability.
* Delay ejaculation and orgasm peak.
* Weakening of sexual desire and Alasttharh.oevdil taking the medication in the morning because it may work sleep disorder if one addressed before the shelter to bed.
Class II: mono inhibitors Secretary Alooksidiz MAOIs
And these inhibitors are rarely the first choice in the treatment of depression because of the serious side effects Mahtmlholknha useful in the treatment of depression, those who have not improved with the use of other drugs, especially people with panic disorder.
Side effects of these inhibitors:
* Dizziness.
* Insomnia.
* Impotence.
* Blood pressure raising serious enough to have people who eat foods containing tyramine, such as pickles and some types Aljbn.lkn do not worry, there are two types of this damper
1. inhibitors need to avoid foods that contain tyramine, namely:
* Alvenizein.
* Turanielsabromen.
* Aloazukarboksazad.
2 inhibitors do not need to risk foods containing tyramine:
* Salagelan.
* Moklopamaid
. Class III: antidepressants heterogeneous annular structure
(Tricyclic antidepressants) HCAs and is working to strengthen the effect of the brain nervous carriers are Alnorabnfran and serotonin, and this product should be dealt with at night because he hypnotized
Side effects include:
* overweight.
* Constipation.
* Difficulty urinating.
* Postural hypotension (dizziness due to low volume of blood to the brain Tdv when standing or sitting in bed suddenly).
* The third Aalsnf this is not prescribed for heart patients because they disrupt the rhythm heartbeat.
Note: loggerheads side effects vary from species, this may alter the type of medication your doctor if the latest side effects harmful.
The mention of these drugs commonly described for patients:
* Alomitrbtelin.
* Aldoksepen.
* Albrocrathblan. Usually start work in a few weeks, and if we made a comparison between this class and the first class, we find that the third category enjoy the same event for the first class, which is less expensive but more serious side effects from the first category. It will pick you doctor a drug that fits your situation and Aanaajatk.opalrgem of good advantages Lhz drugs such as improving sleep, which notes immediately after the start of treatment, it requires at least two weeks in order to effect begins to improve mood.
But some side effects may occur when you start addressed, namely:
– Dryness in the mouth.
– rash.
– Dizziness.
– Constipation.
– Rampage.
If these effects side bothering you, contact your doctor, who may prescribe a drug substitute more appropriate for K.ma to start antidepressant effect even shows improvement, and restores the patient gradually his ability to deal with problems Alehiatih.oansah most doctors the patient to take antidepressants for four to at least six months, and supports the decision to stop taking medication on how well the patient’s response to, among other factors, but if the causal factors for depression unchanged or remained if must advise the period was enlarged somewhat, it is usually best to wait until the factors improved before thinking Aldoa.an stop taking antidepressants do not eliminate the ability to sense the natural spectrum of human feelings, as they do not cause addiction, and often confuses people between them and sedatives Lahti addictive and help overcome Alakitab.
– Can increase the effectiveness of any treatment for depression in many cases, pay attention to lifestyle and daily routine.
– It is important to do a lot of daily exercise, preferably outdoors (Sports launches endorphins the body of a chemical anti-depressants)
– It must be a healthy food.
– It is also important to also fill in every day activities fun and interesting, but with the need not to overindulge them.
– Communicating with friends and chatting with them can also help in the face of depression.
And Alternative Medicine
First: aromatherapy:
Can be useful essential oils to improve mood and soothe nerves and relieve depression, such as jasmine and bergamot, lavender and sage, rose, chamomile, add a few drops of one of these oils to the bath or place the oil in a pot of hot perfuming the room water or you can a few drops of essential oil to put on cloth handkerchief and inhale the smell.
Second, herbal remedies:
Can cure herbal benefit too: a helping rosemary tea to alleviate the frustration, put a tablespoon of the crown of dried mountain and crushed leaves in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes, then tea row before Cherbh.b- can tea herb borage or herb John or herb verbena to raise morale: Place a tablespoon of dried grass in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes, then row marinade.

Third, treatment reflexive:
Click on any one of the points reflectiveness shown in the picture below for about two minutes, and repeat the same movement in the other foot.

Explanation of the image:
– Stimulate the three points of the top and at the bottom of the big toe to the foot: at the base outer edge and the upper end of the Asba.- to increase relaxation Click on the existing solar plexus side point to bump Akaddm.- to ease the frustration Click on foot outcrop, near the solar plexus, to activate The adrenal glands.
Fourth, pressing hand therapy:
To relieve the frustration, use your index finger to gently pumping in the groove above the upper lip and below the nose for a period of about one minute.
((See picture below))

Other important tips to treat depression
– Closer to God Almighty through: (a) maintaining the five daily prayers and redundancy.
B – reciting the Koran.
T – reciting prayers and supplications remind you of this:
(God, I am your servant, son of Your servant son of your nation Nasita hand, a past in your judgment, amended in your taking, ask each name is you named yourself or inflicted in your book, or taught him one of the creatures or accounted for by the prescience you have to make the Quran the spring of my heart, and the light of my chest and the evacuation of sorrow and go placebo)
(O Allah, I seek refuge in You from worry and grief and helplessness and laziness, miserliness and cowardice and rib religion and the predominance of men)
(There is no god but God Almighty Halim, there is no god but Allah, the Lord of the Great Throne, there is no god but Allah, the Lord of the heavens and Lord of the earth and Lord of the holy throne)
((Oh mercy, I hope, do not leave me depend on myself, and fix me all of my affairs, there is no god but You))
(No god but You Glory I oppressors)
(Allah is my Lord does not share with him something)
(Oh fittest me my religion which is the infallibility of the warrants and worldly where my pension, and that it Akhrta hostile, and make life increased to me in all the best, and death comfort me from all evil) .j- do good works.
– Get out of your heart envy and rancor and hatred and enmity.
– Served yourself useful work and reading books.
– Forget about the past and the future and sorrows and illusions and cared for the present only.
– Look at who is the dunk and I thank God for everything.
– Cultivate in your mind the idea that life is short world, there is wrought with mind and sadness.
– Because you have something stuck Vonhia or work as soon as possible and Ohsma it until it becomes your interest in other future matters more focused.
– Sit down with yourself a little bit and look for the direct causes of this anxiety, tension and worry and grief and tried to solve them on your own and if you can not consult you or your friends have bigger your fellow with the most experience in life.
The long-term outlook of the situation
In most cases of depression go away without treatment or by supportive therapy and discuss the situation with a mentor and / or Aldoa.lkn some still suffering from the ravages of depression throughout their lives, which requires them to undergo specialized treatment for long periods.

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