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Extended Pickup Ford Ranger outstanding range greater capabilities than ever



The new Ford Ranger pickup is characterized by a range the most holistic models until today, which includes 17 different models within five levels of specifications, and thus offers the greatest choice and value for companies and customers alike.

The new modern look gives Ranger Pickup a strong presence on the road, and immediately reflects the enormous potential. Design Front network trapezius new full force, surrounded by headlights revealing characterized by an imposing carved and designed to flow toward the front wing. This enhances the supply and strong stance, what makes the Rangers immediately recognizable thanks to its appearance and technical daring.

It includes the lower part of the front bumper is designed to defend when the parties to include a recessive driving lamps. The result is an evolution of the current model Ranger, which met with tremendous success in terms of style and toughness, what gives him a manifestation luxury vehicles compared to the competition in light commercial vehicles category LCV.


The choice of colors did not change much from the previous model, except for the orange color of the beloved model and the new Wild Trac, which will be replaced by an orange-colored Pride.

Pickup Ford Ranger have proven their worth as one of the most powerful vehicles in its class and Aloktherha capacity. And it promotes new Ranger this legacy more by improved its engines, and adoption of electric power steering guidance and improve the quality of the ride and comfort.

The suspension system has been adjusted accurately to improve ride comfort and control, but the new Ranger pickup retains the amazing abilities in the transfer of loads, where maximum payload capacity of up to 1,175 kg depending on model. It also features the ability to withdraw an impressive 3.5 tons.

For off-road driving, the new Ranger features a smart payment system four-wheel drives, which can be relied upon, as well as the torque on demand, which allows drivers to confront the most difficult driving conditions with confidence. Electronic transmission of packet switching speeds with the transfer speed while driving is controlled by a disc in the center console system includes a feature. What allows activation pattern and the pattern 4X2 4×4 range high speeds while the vehicle moves.

Thanks in respect of performance and enormous capacity, load capacity and the clouds, to the latest generation engines Doraturk Duratorq TDCi technology operating powerful diesel and the most advanced and efficient in fuel consumption, as well as Doratik Duratec petrol engine factor which has proved its worth.

Vmahrk Doraturk factor TDCi diesel five-cylinder 3.2-liter Jabbar elevated performance standards in the pick-class father at the launch, and still produced an astonishing power of 147 kW and a torque of 470 Newton meters.

In the case of Doraturk TDCi engine factor diesel four-cylinder capacity of 2.2 liters, and numerous upgrades to enhance the capabilities of this already impressive engine it has been added. And increased its strength from 110 to 118 kW while torque has increased from 375 to 385 Newton meters.



Factor Doraturk TDCi diesel engine is also available 2.2-liter average power in certain models, which provides 88 kW of power and 285 Newton meters of torque.
There is also a Ford Duratec engine Doratik factor 2.5-liter petrol, which can be relied upon in some models, which provides 122 kW of power and 225 Newton meters of torque.


Depending on the model, will be the father of the new Ranger pick-equipped manual transmission or automatic six-speed, manual transmission or five-speed in models equipped with diesel engine or gasoline average amount. And available for pickup cab Ranger glutamate, Rabkab, double cabin.


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