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Salt …. benefits vs harms



Salt is one of the important elements for the life of humans and animals, and even plants. It works on balancing the amount of water in the body, as well as the cells that make up the members of the body, which is important for metabolism in the cell. Therefore, the intake of this article is absolutely necessary for survival in moderate amounts.
It is known that metal salt transparent crisper used in ancient times to give food taste and save it as well. It consists of the sodium salt and elemental chlorine, and scientifically known as sodium chloride.
The source of all the salt, including salt deposits beneath the earth’s surface, is “brackish”, ie salt water from the sea, ponds and other water bodies. In fact, the salt deposits formed may now exist underground evaporation of sea water millions of years ago.

The United States and China are the largest producers of salt in the world. It is a leader in the production of salt states also Germany, Canada, India and Mexico.
The salt is essential for good health, contains human blood on the salt, as it should be in the salt cells of the body, so that its functions perform correctly, but some studies have shown that the large number of salt or other sodium compounds in human food, could lead to a rise in the can blood pressure. For this reason, many people are trying to reduce the amount of salt they eat, and some people use salt substitutes that do not contain sodium.
Types of salt

Salt are two types, one sea salt Asthsal it from sea water where placed in a large basin built on the shores of the sea or near the Viboukr water, sunlight and keeps the salt crystal blocks, transferred to private labs clean it and Ttahnha and prepared for consumption, and the second type is what is known as salt Alandrani and which is found in mines on the ground crystallized in the form of crystalline rock cut blocks also transferred to private laboratories for filtered and crushed before it is presented for sale.
There are two types of markets in the salt:
-mlh Repeater laced with iodine.
-sea salt.

What is the difference between them?
To answer this question, we must first know the components of each of these salts.
Refined salt consists of 99.9% sodium chloride and 0.1% iodine potassium or calcium added to it, applies iodine to enhance iodine deficiency in this type of salt it is just to fill a shortage of this article in the refined salt, and add the sugar or material Celikat ammonium to maintain the flow of salt and lack of lumpiness, and thus it is known that the material Celikat ammonium material harmful to health.
The sea salt: consists of 95.0% sodium chloride and 5% of other metals such as manganese, calcium, phosphorus, iodine (of natural origin), in addition to more than 70 metal element else.
And components referred to above is clear to us the vast difference between the two types of salt, refined Valmlh is the salt does not contain more than one substance is sodium chloride and the poor and other necessary for the life of the cell in minerals, so we see the production of this type companies of salt turned Dam large deficit of metals by adding iodine by The publicity for this addendum like additional advantage is the fact nothing more than trying to fill the large deficit with something very small.
In contrast, the sea salt containing iodine in addition to the very many minerals and in a balanced manner as God created us in nature and compatible with human life. In contrast, the sea salt has in addition to iodine to approximately 80 minerals needed by the body to maintain its vitality and to complete the process of metabolism at its best, even if we know that 27% of the body’s salt is in the bones so as to shortages in the blood caused by the inadequacy of what we integrated salt .

The person who Antaul refined salt is usually what happens to him voracity salt intake because the body does not feel sufficiency of other local metallurgy, and so accumulates sodium chloride in the body, causing problems for the kidneys and Odreynal. The individual adult needs between 2-3 g per day but consumption rates of up to 18 g per day. This increase caused a stressful and tiring kidney, causing persistence so weak competence and an accumulation and the rest of the waste in the body, and show symptoms of increased salt in the form of nervous tension and muscular, psychological and headache constant feeling of anxiety, depression and stress and boredom, and at the same time exacerbated the lack of other minerals in the body, causing health problems in parts other ones as we pointed out previously bones.

Salt may cause addiction

Researchers reported in psychology and acting at the University of Iowa, US, I should add salt to food because it improves mood despite being harmful to health.

The researchers added that the salt can be considered normal nerve medicine.

The experiments conducted by the researchers showed a group of rats that which suffer from a shortage of salt seemed Menzoah and is not interested in activities that usually enjoyed by rats, what is considered a sign of depression.

But doctors and experts warn of excessive salt intake to Zbebh high blood pressure.

It is said that the human body needs sodium, a basic material in the chemical composition of salt along with chlorine. But propagating in salt intake is directly related, in addition to raising blood pressure, increasing the risk of a stroke or heart attack.

According to the Food Standards Agency in Britain that the adults only eat 6 grams of salt a day.

The agency stating salt intake per person rate fell, but still 8.6 grams of any appreciation above the ideal.

The results of the US study was released at a time when the Food Standards Agency has renewed its call for people to follow healthy diets.

The agency criticized the celebrity chefs of promoting high-fat recipes for what is considered a contribution by them to exacerbate the problem of obesity.

Said Kim Johnson, who led the team of researchers in Iowa that “activities that are generally enjoyed by rats seemed is never exciting rats deficient in salt, which led us to link the lack of salt and depression.”

Johnson added that the loss of the desire to exercise activities are usually fun is one of the most important indicators of depression, noting that there is a possibility that the man becomes addicted to salt.

It is noteworthy that one of the definitions of addiction is to continue to abuse substances known to be harmless.

Among other indicators of addiction yearning for a particular substance in the event of denial of them.

The study of the University of Iowa showed the same change in the movement of the brain in rats deprived of the drug or salt.

This points to the possibility that the yearning for the drug or to the salt raises the reactions to the brain itself, namely reactions related to addiction.

In contrast, a spokesman for the health campaign against salt, says: “The human body need a very small amount of salt a day, very far from the amount covered by the majority of people, I personally did not feel I was depressed days because I did not pick up the salt.”

He concluded by saying that the spokesman, “This study is important because it helps in understanding why some people continue to eat large amounts of salt while they know the extent of damage to this article.” They say Anu in China if one commits suicide prostitutes eat two tablespoons of salt ….
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. Before I introduce you to the topic of salt can be useful

0.50 feature of salt may be helpful:
Although doctors advise not to eat salt dramatically so as not to harm the health, the salt has many benefits are priceless, where the latest studies have shown that there are more than 14,000 benefit for the salt, and the food is only one function of the salt, the following we’ll show 50 other way benefit when using salt:
Copper cleaning:
To clean the copper well you will need to have a salt beside the flour and vinegar, Tmzjhm together to get the dough, then put it on the copper, and leave it for an hour, and then wipe it with a dry cloth. This method is suitable for cleaning silverware as well.
Clean wicker:
To prevent yellowing of furniture made from wicker, whether located inside or outside the home, put salt water on the brush and clean their wicker, and then put them to dry in the sun.
Clean grease stains on the carpet:
Can clean grease stains on the carpet with ease, and through the use of salt solution .. just put it on the carpet, and scrub well, then rinse.

Extend the life of a vacuum cleaner:
You can extend the life of electrical Mcncetk If you put it in hot salt water before using it for the first time, as you give it the power will not make them easily damaged.
Remove grape juice stains:
If there was a lot of grape juice on the carpet, do not worry, just wash the stains with a solution of salt, then rinse with cold water, and spots will disappear immediately.
Remove the white spots of the table:
When you put a cup of hot tea, or black glasses on the table, that may arise after the white circles on the table, in order to just get rid of them clear the powder of salt and oil these spots, and then leave the powder for two hours, and then clear it, you’ll find that spot vanished.
Reducing foam dishwasher:
You can get rid of excess foam for washing dishes by salt spray, this will limit the spread.
Remove sweat stains:
To avoid buying a new shirt every short period of time, you can easily get rid of sweat stains that may catch it at the meetings by four tablespoons of salt put on a liter of hot water, then put it on the spot and washed until they disappear.

Remove blood stains:
If you have been injured, and filled with blood stains your shirt do not panic, just insert the shirt in cold salt water, then rinse, and displayed to the boil. This method is suitable for use with clothes made of linen, cotton, natural fibers because they tolerate high temperatures.
Rust removal:
To remove rust you using a component of salt and lemon juice solution, then place the furniture in the sun to dry, and eventually wipe it with a dry cloth, and will be removed rust.
Clean pots:
If you get stuck in cleaning pots filled with a lot of fat, put some salt, and will kill all these spots easily.
Clean colored cups:
You can clean stubborn stains on colored cups, especially those that occur from tea and coffee through a little salt mode when removing stains.

Cleaning ovens:
If you work full-fat food, and exposure to dirty the oven, place a mixture of salt and cinnamon on the soiled places hot burners, and when it dries this solution, wipe it dry with a piece, and will remove all stains.
Clean refrigerators:
You can clean refrigerators with ease through the use of salt with soda water, this way you also will get rid of all the odors that can be found inside the refrigerator.
Fish cleaning closet:
To clean up the murky water in the fish locker, put the average within the Treasury salt, then wash it off, before the fish lay again, and then place a spoonful of salt to fresh water at room temperature, and then leave it for 15 minutes, this will make it more healthy fish.
Remove the smell of shoes:
After working hard all day, put some salt in the shoes to remove moisture, and remove any smell is good.
Extinguish grease fires:
To extinguish the fires, grease, place your side is always a box of salt, and at the outbreak of grease fires do not use the water, but just insert them some salt, and will get rid of them for good.
Maintain a barbecue of burning:
If you put a handful of salt on the barbecue fire, it will reduce the flames and smoke, and then you will not need to use water-cooled coal.

Maintaining the candles of punctuation:
Put candles in a solution of salt for a few hours, then dry well, and then will not be burning the candle drip.
Get rid of the weeds:
To get rid of unwanted weeds, put some salt on the brick floor, and then sprayed with water, and then the grass will not grow again.
Kill poison ivy:
You can kill poison ivy easily through the use of a gallon of soapy water with a pinch of salt, and put it on the leaves and stems.

Remember windows of frost:
You can save the windows of frost and snow spread in the winter, and so by Clear glass sponge theme in salt water, and then dry wash, and will get rid of frost throughout the winter.
Protect the windshield of the car of snow:
You can keep on the windshield of your car by putting some salt on cloth moistened, then wash the glass well, and then the snow will consolidate away.
Relieve sore throat:
To relieve sore throat Put half teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water, then Kgergerh used to reduce inflammation, and then the pain will disappear.
Cleaning teeth:
If you forget your toothpaste, get the cubic salt, and mixes with baking soda, then put it on your teeth, and then you’ll get a healthy teeth, it also benefits in tooth whitening.
You can use salt as a mouthwash by cubic put salt with baking soda in equal parts, and this will save you permanently from halitosis.
Reduce the bulging eye irritation:
If you have an important appointment, but your eyes swollen, place a teaspoon of salt in a cup of hot water, then put it on the swollen areas, and be cured immediately.
Relieve foot pain:
When you feel pain in the foot, place it in warm water with putting some salt, then repeatedly blot well, and rinse with cold water.

Mitigation of bee stings:
To relieve heartburn and stings of bees, put some salt on the place of pain, your pain will end immediately.
Treat mosquito bites:
To treat mosquito bites, put the place of pain in salt water, then place the fat of beef mixed with salt, and then will get rid of all the pain.
The treatment of poison ivy:
If you’re on a trip for camping, and faced poison ivy, place the wound in hot salty water, and this will help end the irritation of poison ivy.
Ease the pain of playing with the dogs:
When injury from playing with the dogs, keep the wound for ten minutes in a tub of water mixed with salt.
Remove dry skin:
If you feel that there are some signs in your body after a bath, massage your body with salt, to get rid of the dead skin, you get a wonderful complexion.

boiling water:
If you put salt in boiling water, you will make the water boils at a higher temperature, which leads to reduce the cooking time.
Peeling eggs:
Peeling hard-boiled eggs in salt water makes it even easier.
Set the egg whites:
To set the egg whites easily, place the egg in salt water.
Test the quality of eggs:
If you suspect the quality of eggs, place the egg in a glass of water, plus two teaspoons and teaspoon salt, and fresh egg will sink, while float the egg is fresh.
Remember the color of fruits and vegetables:
If you change the color of pears, apples, potatoes as a result of the cold, put them in a mixture of salt and water, and will retain the rows of.

Clean the meat more easily:
Put the meat in salted water for a few hours, it will help you clean them, remove the fat with ease.
Prevent food from sticking:
If you do not have pots a non-stick, put some salt on the pan before frying fish, which will help to prevent sticking.
Prevent the cheese from rotting:
To prevent the cheese from rotting, place the cheese in a cloth moistened with salt water, before it is saved and cooled in the refrigerator.
Remember fresh milk:
Add a little salt to milk will make him fresh longer.

Cleaning coffee pots:
To clean up the coffee pots easily, get rid of the taste of the bitterness caused by coffee time work after time, fill with water vessels, then place four tablespoons of salt, and then you’ll get a completely clean coffee pots.
Improve coffee flavor:
Put a little salt on the coffee, remove the bitterness and gives it taste better cooked over coffee.
Remove onion odor from your hands:
If you want to get rid of the smell of onions in your hands after the barbecue, then clean them with salt and vinegar, the smell will be gone immediately.

Deodorizing of pots:
You can get rid of unpleasant odors in jugs, pots by placing some of the salt with water in these pots, and then wash them well.
Cleaning the kitchen sink:
Put salt on a regular basis in the kitchen sink, so get rid of unpleasant odors and grease residues.
Clean the sinuses:
Place one teaspoon of salt in a large glass of water and then wash the nose through inhalation.
To overcome the pain after tooth extraction:
To combat the pain after take off Place toothache amount of fine salt in place of tooth ousted after blood stopped and remove a cotton ball.
To empty stomach in case of emergency:
Dissolve the equivalent of three tablespoons of salt in a glass of water and give it to the person who shall then vomiting. And given that, particularly for children who consume dangerous substances, such as oral medication or chemical liquids

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