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The difference between cars and Automatic Almanewal


 The difference between cars and Automatic Almanewal

All types of cars are different since ancient times to the modern in terms of form and the possibilities of our time and there are with Afattas Almanewal and also Afattas Automatic, and some people’s cars prefer Almanewal and the other believes that Automatic best to him and more comfortable while the car Almanewal considered faster than the car Automatic.


Advantages and disadvantages of Almanewal


For the advantages Veugd several advantages, including:


– Pulled higher and lower gasoline consumption.

– In the acceleration reaches a top speed in less time.

– Weight Afattas Almanewal much lighter than Alatomatik Bring approximate 50 kilometers and thus lighter vehicle weight Atriv and top speed.

– Maintenance costs much less and more economical than Alatomatik.

– Fun to drive and easy to control the speed of the car.

As for the disadvantages: he shall be deemed the only drawback is common in the automotive Almanewal is feeling tired and fatigue in the leadership, especially in the busy roads of the large pressure on the clutch instead.

Advantages and disadvantages of Alatomatik

For the advantages

– Are considered very comfortable on busy roads.

– Easy to drive. 

– Repair systems compared to a few Balmanewal. 

As for flaws many Fieoppea most important when it crashes do not move from its place and necessary specialized technician to operate it, rising maintenance costs compared Balmanewal, higher gasoline consumption, life span less than the life span of the engine drive Almanewal

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