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The concept of online shopping


The concept of online shopping

The concept of online shopping online shopping is buying and selling over the Internet and include big things like a house or a small child Kthiab used because people liking the comfort provided by online shopping started.

The online shopping is still a relatively new concept, it is likely that harbors concerns about the shopper someone stole his credit card number, and it may not be sure that their personal information will be safe with the merchant.

After typing the address location and shows him a picture of the products with the option to select the desired size (large, small, etc …) and the desired color, size appointed within the specified string, and quantity.

There can pick desired options and complete the process by clicking on the button and the page summary of the product by clicking continue checkout and then enter all the basic information required to complete the application. And help prompts and instructions that appear on the screen to complete the remainder of the process.

Thus, the package up to the threshold of the house within a week or something like that.

The benefits of online shopping, there are many benefits of online shopping for the public is the most important:
creating online shopping additional jobs locally (distribution of all packages require hiring many workers to write and delivery) and using the funds that are provided as a result of buying online for other purposes by the shoppers. Shopping online leads to lower prices:

Shopper online can use all these things to his advantage to get a better price than any other price can be found in the world outside the Internet.
We must remember that although the online stores normally required shipping charge, they do not need to inflate their prices for what they pay in order to obtain a luxurious store assistants stylish, which is not needed at this stage at least to collect sales taxes. Shopping leading online to save time: You can do online shopping through a third of the time spent on the procurement process in the shopping center, Valtsouk online provides valuable time that a shopper spent wandering in the store to flip dozens of shelves in search of something that might not be there the Internet Through can at least study what he wants to know what, if it exists in the store in a few seconds.

It helps online shopping on freedom of movement: that online shopping provides freedom of movement thanks to the availability of easy to use tools the number of elderly citizens who connect to the Internet is growing daily. For a large number of these shopping online is a boon, especially for those who are not able to drive a car or who find it difficult to make their way through the center cite large and tired. Requirements to be met before shopping online need to shop over the Internet to a web browser and is intended shopper program that can access the Internet and review sites on his computer screen.
It also needs to connect to the Internet via one Internet service providers or through one of the companies that provide Internet services, and can be a shopper access to the Internet via a local Internet Service Provider near him and can also access in other ways, such as using a modem is connected using cable or via the TV Using its own, such as Web TV service. It also needs a credit card, because most of the sites required when you pay.

And start shopping on the Web sites visited some stomach for it and are touring them by pointing and clicking only. Online Shopping Sites There are several sites boil the Internet for shopping, most notably Amazon (Amazon.com), and eBay (ebay.com).
After identifying some types of shopping sites online consumer goods find them substantial discounts and other wholesale … etc. And sometimes they find excellent deals but it can be a trap to defraud unwary shoppers. The shopper can in the virtual store to check the goods to see if they are the ones that want to buy them or not.

When moving away from behind the cuts and the like pursuit of the online shopping better in many cases to the shopping malls and department stores, in fact, it is easy to find something that they want, and can also examine the site chosen for the quality of the product that wants to buy it.

There is a faster way to find what he wants, a study, Most sites include boxes to look where we can write the word or words that describe the product that you want to buy it, and can also be written product or product or type a name or any word defines thing that he wants.

After reaching the desired location site before being asked to shop online shopper to know the name, address, e-mail and credit card type, number and expiry date, in addition to the home address and some other information. And after it has been filled with data is click the button and not wait a few seconds until it is to make sure your credit card information has been submitted to the site, and will be announced to confirm the purchase As for the method of the arrival of the product, some sites require identification connection method, either by regular mail or by air in the next day or courier on the same day.

And in order to facilitate the process of shopping online

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