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Investment Knowledge Economy

It is obvious to everyone the extent of innovation and excellence that has always achieved by Saudi students either outside or inside the kingdom, the knowledge-based economy needs to develop and develop and invest because it is the basis for the employment of capacity and talent, has emerged in recent years, a generation of creative students and who they need more guidance and care of potentialities available and each year increasing from the year before, but the lack of awareness and creative guide students may limit their numbers.

 Investment knowledge extends beyond the student’s graduation from secondary school and undergraduate and graduate studies to ensure continuous contact between the student and the university or the school from which he graduated to do the guiding him and his guidance until the obstacles his future there are so many styles to invest in the knowledge economy, including the establishment of scientific gatherings yearly and especially gatherings specialism, for example, an annual forum for biotechnology or a meeting place for business or an annual conference for pharmaceutical companies and medical industries.

The investment of the current economy of knowledge and employ them in the development and promotion of sound knowledge of the full scope and is a great achievement to move to a knowledge-based society and the employment capacity of paper and scientific and intellectual skills.

There are societies become advanced scientifically, but began to move away significantly from its ideology and its heritage long periods of what made a gap between their scientific and among intellectual delay and education, it has become important to have a knowledge-based society, which is located in the middle between all areas around it to be this community conscious scientifically and intellectually and educationally.
 You governmental institutions invest knowledge economy, employing outstanding in their fields to provide counseling and assistance to business owners or researchers and inventors to be employed full potential and expertise, including a full community benefit.

 There are plenty of research centers and institutes that need to support those elite of our beloved country and their investment and employ all their energies to serve the cognitive progress so that the local community takes a globally prominent place in the field of knowledge and scientific creativity and be the focus of attention regionally and internationally in the field of knowledge and scientific research and to become a significant presence and prestigious international scientific forums and communities.
The best investment is to invest in human knowledge and development in benefit him and Interest, and that the best way for this investment is to teach researchers how to make a search result in a tangible reality and teach inventors how to make his invention a product that benefits the whole world is no longer large enough tons of papers patents and research that are not employed in the service of man and not exploited in the development of the surrounding material to become Bdjapth massive amounts of paperwork and achievements that did not benefit them
surroundings and did not have even a share of the benefit and the benefit of himself and his community near him. Some advanced countries have become a scientific and research as well as an innovative, but when you look at the interest given to the community of all the intellectual output and professional share find it a very small proportion will be barely more than 3%, and it is here where the size of the failure in which many researchers located and innovators in their offspring that the intellectual community does not benefit him.

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