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Acupuncture to treat pain



What is the idea of ​​acupuncture?
Acupuncture broader types of medication widespread and commonly used in the world and have stood as one of the methods of treatment for thousands of years despite the attack and try to stop the use in many areas over the centuries. There on the human body fourteen pairs of phantom lines named after the various organs of the body located on these lines a set of points for each point with its own number and called these points

“Acupuncture points” and the designation of these lines no connection between the name and the impact of the points in it. It can identify these points on the surface of the body using a given electrical current is very weak and this device can receive this trend and given light signal or sound when you pick up the current yield of the body determines the location of acupuncture points. This is due to be deployed acupoints on the body has low resistance to an electrical outlet for their surroundings than the rest of the body surface does not prevent this resistance Wimmer weak current to the device. It follows from this that the acupuncture points scattered over the surface of the body real points can be identified and not punctuate fake, as some claim.

How is the effect of acupuncture?
The Chinese always tries are more practitioners of acupuncture to make the impact of the use of acupuncture philosophical idea depends on Nqbi life, “good and evil, or night and day and the sun and the moon, or the positive and negative” and that any medical condition is a result of increased contrast over the other or to the imbalance between the two extremes inside the human body. This is the philosophical theory that has a lot of spiritual medicine users believed in the treatment makes use of acupuncture restores the lost balance between the two extremes within the body disappears disease and its symptoms.
But the Western world with his thought and his knowledge did not accept this Eastern philosophy and the independent studies to demonstrate the effect of acupuncture points and certain that he could the results of these access to studies confident that stimulating certain points on the skin surface leads to stimulate the nervous system and the response of the endocrine system secretes many hormones, which could be measured experimentally.

Is acupuncture Illusion or reality:
Chinese have tried over the centuries to make the use of acupuncture in the type of treatment of their own treatment and dispatched practitioners of acupuncture sons of Asia to the countries of the world to engage in this type of treatment to be the preserve them all and all those who traveled to them or learning at the hands of the Chinese gave him Introduction to use needles and drills to instill needles and identify places without going into the details of how they work and the freedom of the doctor in the use of acupuncture points.
But with the increasing practice of acupuncture in the western world, especially in Germany, France, England and most of the American West, and they did not accept the interpretation of the philosophical Chinese to the effect of acupuncture have been in these countries they work neurological and laboratory to demonstrate acupuncture tests was reached significant changes in various hormones and chemicals rate nerves and so blood and fluids nervous system. We have observed the work stopped and the results of acupuncture in the parts of the body where the sensation disappears unless he found traces of the activity and the work of the autonomic nervous system.

How can stimulate acupoints:
1. Can acupoints Chinese acupuncture pressure on these points are the means used by the ancient Egyptians and Indians after them before transmission of the medicine to China via India. The pressure on these points may be continuous using small stones or seeds of plants or small grains of minerals may be pressing and move the fingers on the places of acupuncture This method is of great benefit in the treatment of headaches and muscle aches.
2. can prick needles in specific points anatomically with agitated by hand and it Bdoranha with and against the clock and can also motivate and stimulate these points Connect electric weak and has a slow frequency of these needles and the use of electric current in the excitability of needles stream is considered the best in terms of access to the summit of stimulating needles in addition to the possibility of stimulating a large number of needles at one time, which is difficult to do using your hands where you can not only stimulate the needles at one time.
3. now used much electromagnetic waves to stimulate and provoke the acupuncture points is done using a magnet with a certain strength and placed on these points or using a small magnet connects stream electrolyzer with a low frequency, or using rubber ends reach plugged in and placed on the acupuncture points,
This method is used with increased fear of needles, and possibly from private transmission of viral hepatitis and AIDS infection.
4. The laser beam and became a special laser beam using infrared are frequently used to stimulate acupuncture points and this treatment is particularly influential role in acute pain.

Are there certain requirements for the quality of needles?
Needles should be made of materials that do not react with the body and do not cause any allergic reactions to the tissue and is often made from iron non-steel or gold or silver. It must be sterile needles according to medical assets accepted. The needles should use a personal or transferred from one person to another even though the sterilized for only be a means of transmission of diseases and especially AIDS and hepatitis.

Aspects of the use of acupuncture
Used acupuncture in China and much of the country’s East Asia in the treatment of all diseases and in the anesthesia and the use of acupuncture in treatment on ideological grounds where deepens strong belief in the feasibility of using traditional foundations they have become inherited over thousands of years of economic and political foundations as they have a significant role in reducing the State expenses and reduce dependence on medication therapy, which is due to the many benefits of this state of the national economy.
But the use of acupuncture in the Western world did not prove a success and effectiveness in anesthesia therapy except in special cases which cases the treatment of chronic pain and some cases the treatment of acute pain and prohibits the use of acupuncture in the treatment of pain caused by tumors and is used in cases of chronic headaches special cases dependence and addiction drugs, alcohol and smoking. I have recommended the experience of the use of acupuncture in medical cases that do not respond to medical treatment known.

The use of acupuncture in the treatment of pain
The use of acupuncture in the treatment of pain is the first agreed upon by all medical institutions, especially the World Health Organization in significant aspects of the use of acupuncture in medicine and treatment .okadd the effect of acupuncture and results in the treatment of the first observations that helped the ancients discovered the effect of the use of acupuncture pain.
Operates stimulate acupuncture points to relieve pain by several axes first increase secretion of natural opiates in the body and in the central nervous system and include beta Androfen and Alancvalien and Alinorvin and all dwelling strong pain in all parts of the body and in the central nervous system .okadd possible to measure these materials and their level in the blood and in the Saail brain before and after preparation of acupuncture points .otattabr these opioids reference laboratory accurate supports the stimulating effect of the acupuncture points in the treatment of pain .otady stimulate acupuncture points to the secretion of many hormones in the blood and can be measured is dependent mainly on the excitation of the nervous system involuntary than leads to increased secretion of these hormones, which can be measured in the blood, compared to its level before and after the preparation of the acupuncture points and stimulate acupuncture points lead to the closure of the pain gates in the spinal cord Veetmta the arrival of pain signals from the affected premises to the central nervous system .oaattabr closure of these gates in front of signals pain to use natural means of defense that God created the human body to protect him from pain.
And helps stimulate acupuncture points in the treatment of chronic pain resulting from Great musculature injuries as always there is a treadmill help sustain pain and must break this cycle until the pain does not last .otbdo this session occurrence of pain which leads to muscle contraction as a result of this pain increases muscle contraction pain and so on, and the acupuncture Banbassat muscle contraction and prevent the cut this vicious circle depends pain.
It uses exciting acupuncture points in the treatment of many cases of migraine and semiconductor migraines, especially in the prevention and prevent headaches .oucaad needles Chinese when used with drugs in the treatment of the fifth nerve injuries and have good results in this area .oothbtaat acupuncture strong efficacy in the treatment of headaches caused by tension and stress or contraction of the muscles of the diaphragm causes in addition to the disappearance of pain, muscle relaxation and a sense of the patient comfortable.

Whatever disagree opinion between oriental medicine and medicine Western in the use and effectiveness of acupuncture, the results in acute pain and chronic pain sung to engage in this debate and it is enough that they are not drug Alkamiaiy and do not cause any harmful repercussions for the body and is expensive for the patient and can be used for a long time without the risks of continued use or long a lot of medicines

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