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Germ stomach, prevention and treatment



Germ stomach

Is a germ sneak into the stomach, and settle in the epithelial cells in the gastric mucous membrane. MRSA and lead to the emergence of inflammation, and the destruction of the cells that reside in the stomach mucous membrane. And MRSA are very common, and spread widely among humans. And MRSA is not a direct cause of stomach ulcers, but also provide a fertile environment for the emergence and appearance. The destruction of the cells leads to the appearance of hyper acidity of the stomach enzymes, and the emergence of hypersensitivity. In addition to that MRSA seize zinc, iron, and vitamin B12.

Symptoms of the stomach bacterium

The presence of severe pain in the upper area of ​​the stomach.

Feeling sick germ severe stomach Bhmodh, burning in the throat area or esophagus.

The patient Bartjaa food from the inside to the injury of the esophagus, and the subsequent severe heartburn, too.

Baltjha patient injury.

The patient fatigue and severe nausea injury.

Permanent patient need to vomit.

Injury bloat.

Injured patient hair loss, and cracked and broken nails.

In difficult cases may cause glaucoma.

It may lead to stomach cancer.

The bacterium causes stomach

Lack of personal hygiene.

Use a number of persons of the same tools or personal purposes.

MRSA transmission through saliva, so it’s easy transmission among family members, if someone is infected with the germ.

To diagnose stomach bacterium

Self-test: This test is used to measure the amount of carbon dioxide in the body. This is not a thorough examination, but it is a good credibility. In practice, in this assay using radioactive isotopes. But this examination is not trusted one hundred percent.

The blood test helps blood test to detect the presence of antibodies to the stomach bacterium in the blood. But because these antibodies remain in the blood even after the elimination of MRSA, this test is not reliable enough and The credibility, and therefore can not simply done to prove the existence of the germ in the body.

Stool test: a test is very accurate, and reveals whether the patient’s body contains antioxidant MRSA.

Endoscopic examination of the stomach: it is a tube through which the introduction of a small and flexible, optical fiber connected to the inside of the stomach. The sample is taken from the mucous membrane of the stomach, to check whether they contain the germ.

Disease caused by a bacterium that stomach

Disease and hardening of the arteries clogged.

Occurrence of a blockage in the valves feeding the heart, and the occurrence of weakness in the heart muscle.

Germ stomach causing severe pain in the head.

stomach cancer.

Stomach ulcers are caused by infection with the germ of the main stomach.


For the prevention of gastric bacterium

Abstain from the consumption of acidic foods such as citrus fruits, dairy products, and processed foods, and foods made with sugar, and foods made from white flour, coffee, and soft drinks.

Ensure the cleanliness of foods and beverages that are dealt with, and stay away from eating foods from places unreliable.

Sure to wash your hands thoroughly after coming out of the bathroom.

The use of vaccines against germ stomach.

Treat stomach bacterium

Physical therapy in this case includes the integration of medicinal herbs, while maintaining a balanced diet, contains: whole grains, dietary fiber, and foods rich in omega 3, flaxseed, salads, fish, garlic, vegetables, and fruit. Strongly advised to eat food additives, natural, nutritional supplements of live bacteria or yeasts (probiotics) own rich Balglutamen, which is responsible for the restoration of the intestine, and the fasting for two or three days with only to address the juice may help soothe the sores, heal gastric mucous membrane of Germ stomach.

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