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Glitch myeloid dysplasia


Glitch myeloid dysplasia (myeloid dysplasia)
Blood Disease & Hematology (hematology)
.acronym {color: # 016DC1; } Abbreviations: MDS

Arabic synonyms: glitch pure dysplasia
English equivalents: Myelodysplastic syndrome
Tic disorder (CSF) is a heterogeneous group of blood disorders monoclonal be collected by a number of characteristics of a disturbance of medullary cells produce Bnqsa or increase is accompanied by an imbalance in the shape of the cells and the state of maturity and the decrease in the number of blood cells differentiated to the ineffectiveness of its production in the bone marrow. All cell lines that are included in the process of medullary blood cells are affected (Alnicoah) Ktkon red blood cells, and granulocyte nuclei are cellular injury syndrome. The glitch pure dysplasia (CSF) is a former state of the injury Balawhitad acute myelogenous (AML) in spite of being a clonal especially when the acquisition of additional genetic defects. Because they can not treat myeloid dysplasia treatment is limited to supportive care, which aims to reduce the incidence of complications or mitigation, if any, bone marrow transplant is a therapeutic solution optimized for the case of myeloid dysplasia. Producing bone marrow in disrepair myeloid dysplasia cells to the blood of an immature and faulty, causing her death before they leave the bone marrow Oombacrh after entering the bloodstream, and over time outnumber those defective cells mature, leading to anemia, injury, infection and severe bleeding.

the reasons
Symptoms and signs
the cure
Money / prognosis

the reasons

– May Tantnj injury, malfunctioned pure dysplasia (CSF) for unknown reasons and easily treated compared to cases related to specific Bmspb.
– To undergo chemotherapy or radiation
* The risk factors associated with the development disorder pure dysplasia is represented as follows:
-Discussing Heavy metals such as mercury and lead.
– Exposure to chemicals as the smoke of cigarettes, pesticides, industrial chemicals such as benzene.
– Age of more than 60 years.
– To be infected male.
– Radiotherapy or chemotherapy against tumors.
Symptoms and signs

Symptoms of malfunction pure dysplasia show (CSF) in the advanced stages of the disease are as follows:
– General fatigue.
– hard breathing .
– Pallor associated with anemia.
– Bruising or abnormal bleeding.
– Of infection recurring.
– The emergence of the red with a small size Leather spots.


– Checking blood cell counts (CBC).
– Swab or a blood smear to test the size, shape and appearance of blood cells.
– Withdrawal of the amount of cerebrospinal fluid, and part of the bone marrow to be tested in the laboratory and detection Hdhuzha.

the cure

Characterized treatment plans for being supportive and include the following:
– The transfer of the affected cells dysplasia Makhlaya red blood or platelets.
– The treatment of infections caused by a defect myeloid dysplasia (pure).
– Toxic treatment of cells in the event of case progress to acute leukemia blood and increase the number of Aloromat Alnicoah (Myeloblast).
– Pharmaceutical drugs to increase the number of blood cells produced by the body.
– Pharmaceutical drugs that stimulate the maturation of blood cells.
– Pharmaceutical drugs to inhibit the immune system response.
– The cultivation of stem cells for bone marrow.


Produces defect myeloid dysplasia (pure) when the rule boom antibodies in the bone marrow and discourage stem cells healthy, produces boom monoclonal antibody (clonal mutation) for genetic tendency or result from damage to hematopoietic stem cells under the influence of chemotherapy killer cells, radiation, viral infection and chemical substances genotoxic such as gasoline. In the initial stages of defect myeloid dysplasia is increasing apoptosis causing a lack of blood cells and the progress of the condition and its transformation to leukemia (leukemia) and other genetic mutations occur predominantly the proliferation of tumor cells to healthy bone marrow.


(Cytarabine- anthracycline) cytarabine-Antheraschaelin.
(Azactidine) Azastidin.
(Decitabine) Disiabin.
(Lenalidomide) for Analedomaid.
(Erythropoietin – alfa) Artherobiotin- thousand.
(Darbepoietin – alfa) Darpaputin -alva.


Increasing the chance of infection due to the frequent lack of the number of white cells is therefore recommended the need to wash your hands well before eating and while prepared to avoid infection and commitment to the use of disinfectants, which is composed of alcohol in the absence of water availability. It is also recommended to avoid fruits and vegetables that are difficult to peel lettuce and stay away from the spread of infection sites.


– Avoid factors that increase the chance of injury impaired cellular dysplasia Kaltard industrial chemicals (gasoline) or heavy metals such as lead and mercury.
– Avoid exposure to radiation.


– Anemia to a shortage of red blood cells.
– The lack of a repeat infection mononucleosis.
– Bleeding associated with a lack of blood platelets.
– Increased risk of leukemia (leukemia).

Money / prognosis

The disease progresses when some people with impaired myeloid dysplasia (pure) violently transformed into tumor blood known leukemia cells (leukemia), while classified disease
When the majority of the injured being slow


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