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Multiple Sclerosis .. causes, symptoms and treatment


Multiple Sclerosis Multiple chronic disease that affects the central nervous system consists of the brain, the cerebellum and the brain stem and spinal cord, and believed that the disease was caused by confusion in the immune system, leading to infections and frequent atrophy of cells in the central nervous system, resulting in frequent infections are spots (panels) solid in affected areas of the central nervous system, hence the name of the disease, while, and after a certain age, human loses a certain percentage each year of the brain mass, and increase this percentage in people with multiple sclerosis sclerosis.

Do not know the causes of injury to certain sick people without the others, and believed that genes played a major role, but the genetic makeup alone is not enough for the injury, and the evidence that a lot of brothers twins do not develop the disease, and must be the presence of environmental factors contribute to the occurrence of the disease, but we have not reached any of these factors that have played a major role, and one of the prevailing theories is that a lack of vitamin d has a role in the disease, where we have found through field studies that the level of vitamin d in the blood significantly less in infected compared to people not infected sclerosis, that has been the practice to measure the level of this vitamin in the blood of all the people living in order to make up the shortfall, either on the level of laboratory studies researchers have found evidence of the possible existence of a regulatory role of the immune system through vitamin work on, especially in immune cell receptors, and common theories also about the causes of the disease it is that some viruses have a major role in the occurrence of the start of multiple sclerosis, and the most famous is a virus (Alobhetn bar, a virus common and unearned often during childhood or the early stages of life, and it lies dormant in the body has a lot of people), and no doubt where smoking is closely linked to multiple sclerosis and the deterioration of the infected patient is a smoker case worse than a non-smoker evidence of the harm caused by smoking to the injured, and there are plenty of other factors under study.

Symptoms of multiple sclerosis in several forms show, the first attack in the form of poor vision in the eye are caused by inflammation of nerve matter, or double vision due to injury of the brain stem, and may also be in the form of tingling or numbness, heaviness or weakness in the limbs, impaired balance, stammering in speech, lack of control in the urine (f) or feces or Ahtbashma, and so, when these symptoms appear and lasts for 24 hours or more is called a relapse or attack, usually the symptoms persist for several days or weeks and then begin a gradual improvement, and the symptoms completely fade It may still have its impact varies in severity from person to person.
Multiple sclerosis has several types: MS Alantekasa is the most common, and is characterized by the occurrence of relapses or attacks separated by varying periods of time, the majority of patients remain capable of independent movement for several years before it needs to support Baekaz, it has been deteriorating walking, which requires the use of more powerful for walking or tools move from one place to another, such as a walker or wheelchair, remains lower than the proportion of patients (up to 35%) do not need any help in the movement even after the passage of so many years of illness.

The least common type of the disease is Altdhori sclerosis, where the patient gets disability gradually from the non-existence of specific attacks, and is characterized as often show symptoms in older age, but we see a lot of young patients infected with this kind of sclerosis.
Suffers a patient with multiple sclerosis, and regardless of the level of disability, general fatigue, one of the symptoms is very influential on the patient’s life, which is hard to understand where they are not displayed in the form of a clear obstruction. It is an overwhelming sense sometimes suffered by the patient and prevent him from performing his duties at work or House well, contributing to high body temperature in the emergence of symptoms of old (and not in the occurrence of a new attack) and therefore sclerosis patients advised to avoid warm places so as not to feel unwell or symptoms sclerosis again.

The diagnosis of the disease by asking questions, and the work of clinical examination of the nervous system, and to make sure the injury is magnetic rays of the central nervous system work, and perhaps also another set of tests Ktakotait optic nerve and take a sample of spinal fluid.
Divided sclerosis treatments into three main sections: treatments attacks, treatments symptoms (Kalshd that occurs in the limbs, pain, lack of urine control .. etc.) and treatments affecting the course of the disease itself, and the latter are important treatments as it if taken regularly in the early stage of disease may change the course of the disease and delay or prevent the occurrence of disability, and in the past we had the treatment options are very limited, but now our choices much more, different results and side effects of treatment to another and from one person to another treatment, usually the physician at least treatments starts gravity on the body , the patient does not respond, the doctor changed the type of treatment to the most powerful, the mystery of the success of the treatment in the early start, and a commitment to starting treatment, and follow-up care physician to confirm the effectiveness and reduce the side effects of treatment.

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