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Inflammation of the urinary tract in pregnancy: symptoms, treatment and prevention




Urinary tract is considered fertile ground ideal visitors undesirables: bacteria. They multiply rapidly in areas where compressed by the expanding uterus. This makes the pressure – as well as hormones, muscle relaxants and characteristics present in the body – from entering the intestinal bacteria that normally live on the skin and in the feces into the urinary tract during pregnancy is more a doctor p urinary Chrihsholh …. What adds additional problems to the problems of the holder.

In many cases, the pregnant woman may suffer from infection even though they did not complain of any symptoms at all – and when left untreated, the urinary tract infection causing serious problems. Fortunately, you can treat these common infections easily, and this is what keeps the good health of pregnant and gives more comfort.
What is a urinary tract infection?
Urinary tract consists, which rid the body of waste and excess water from the kidneys, where it is the production of urine, and two ureters, which carry the urine to the bladder, and the bladder, which collected and stored urine, and the urethra, the tube that sends the urine out of the body.

In some cases, you may reach the natural bacteria that live in the skin and other areas to areas that do not belong to it, the urinary tract is one of these areas. While most cases of urinary tract infection occur in the bladder (where called acute inflammation of the bladder, or bladder infection), they occur in the urethra (called urethritis). In more serious cases, the infection may move up to the kidneys (called pyelitis and acute college or college) infection.
It causes inflammation of the urinary tract during pregnancy
There are many factors that lead to urinary tract infections during pregnancy, including:
Changes in the body:
All women are at risk of urinary tract infection (even more than men because the urethra is shorter in women, and this makes the entry of bacteria to the bladder is easier). However, pregnant women may be more likely: it gives the changes in hormones opportunity easier for bacteria to enter the bladder and cause infection. Developing uterus also puts increasing pressure on the bladder, making it more difficult to completely empty the urine (which also means that women who become pregnant twins are more vulnerable to infection of the urinary tract).
Bacteria in the intestines:
It can come bacteria that cause urinary tract infections from multiple places. Come common invading bacteria, Escherichia coli, from the gut. Because the urethra is located close to the rectum, can these bacteria to move to the top of the urethra. It can help survey from front to back in each time you use the bathroom in the preservation of this region far from the bacteria.

Is sex during pregnancy perfectly healthy (unless your doctor tells us otherwise) – but there is a downside: where has the potential to lead to a urinary tract infection, it may be paid near the vaginal bacteria into the urethra during intercourse. It may not be romantic, but it is important to urinate before and after sex to move the bacteria out.
Streptococcus Aljmuah B:
It may cause this type of bacteria, which are commonly carried in the gut, in the incidence of urinary tract infections during pregnancy. In late pregnancy, the doctor will perform a test for pregnant women to investigate the infection and treat with antibiotics if needed.
There is also some risk factors are least able to control them. If applicable, none of them a pregnant woman, they should make sure to discuss with her doctor so that he can be closely monitored for signs of an infection:
• A history of recurrent urinary tract infections.

• diabetic mothers disease.
• Sickle cell anemia.
• Kidney disease.
• Previous surgery in the urinary tract.
Symptoms of urinary tract infection during pregnancy
Every woman’s body is different from the other, so be sure to inform your doctor about any pain or discomfort felt by pregnant women – especially if you experience any of the following symptoms typical sewer urinary infection:
• burning sensation during urination.
• frequent visits to the bathroom to urinate (although frequent urination alone is a side effect common – and is Dhar- of pregnancy).

• burning desire to urinate while the amount of urine expelled be small.
• cloudy urine, Ooaldakn, or bloody or a bad smell.
• Low-grade fever.
• Pain or discomfort in the lower abdomen.
• Pain that occurs on one side of the upper abdomen and the back or on the back, which can indicate the presence of a kidney infection, which should be treated immediately.
• chills, nausea, and vomiting, which can also be signs of a kidney infection.
Have to keep in mind: it has been estimated up to 7 percent of all pregnant women suffer from urinary tract infection without any symptoms at all. Because the infection is not treated can lead to complications – including college and infection, rarely, increasing the risk of a lack of growth of the fetus and the birth of premature babies – the urine tests and visits to the doctor pregnant prenatal are really important.
Diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract infection in pregnancy:
Do you think that the pregnant woman has an infection in the urinary tract? It is the standard way to diagnose one of them (during pregnancy or other) is a urine culture. Most doctors will be asked to sample “clean catch”, where the pregnant woman urinating in a cup mid-stream after clearing the external vaginal area carefully.
If you have been diagnosed with an infection of the urinary tract, it is likely that the doctor holder of antibiotics during pregnancy safe for 7 to give 14 days to get rid of bacteria. You must make sure that taking the recommended full cycle, even if the carrier began to feel as the best in the middle of the road during the treatment, drink plenty of water.

Prevention of urinary tract infection during pregnancy:
While the urinary tract infection may occur regardless of the precautions taken by a pregnant woman who, it can help a few steps to alleviate the chances of infection of the urinary tract during pregnancy:
Stay moist: by trying to drink enough water every day, helps increase the time in the bathroom in the flow of the bacteria out of the urethra.
Bathroom authentication: You may feel like a pregnant waddling to the bathroom every five minutes – but it is important not to inhibit urine never. Once you get the urge to go, go. Be sure to expel urine entirely, and also (trying to tilt forward while sitting on the toilet). We must again bladder emptying before switching to bed at night.
Wear cotton underwear obtuse: these clothes will help to keep the area dry, including the bacteria that thrive in humidity.

The survey from front to back: This applies to each visit to the bathroom.
Avoid women’s health products: douches can cause irritation or powders of the area at risk at all.
Eat well: maintaining high resistance through a healthy diet for pregnant and survival in an active condition. Some practitioners recommend eating yogurt that contains active farms or take probiotics if the pregnant woman taking antibiotics to help restore the balance of beneficial bacteria. Ask your doctor first, though; some types of probiotics are certainly more effective than others.
While it was believed that a compound in cranberry juice can help in reducing the recurrence of urinary tract infection, experts now say that the interest, if any, are small in. So do not hesitate to eat some red stuff if you want Bha- they will help Altertaib- Tahedra but do not use them, because most of the items are also overflowing refined sugar.

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