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A comparison of the new Toyota Innova categories in 2016

A comparison of the new Toyota Innova categories in 2016

Car Toyota Innova New in 2016 as one of the family cars are from more cars demand for Toyota in the Arab world, especially since the price of the average and not high compared to the rest of the other family cars, and I’ve got a new car on many, especially in the exterior design of them and so massive updates it is expected that the car sales rise significantly during the current year.

Comparison between the engine specification of the categories of Toyota Innova 2016:
Car classes Toyota Innova 2016 will be available one copy of the engine and the 2.7-liter number 4 cylinder to give the power of 164 hp and spin 245 Nm of torque, while the transmission is for the class Alastandr 5-speed manual transmission, while category XL is the 6-speed automatic transmission and the car runs back Order

Features and Toyota Innova prices 2016 Standard:

The most prominent foreign additions to this category “2 rear sensors, front grille silver color, an area of ​​the rear window, side mirrors, electric, side mirrors in car color, Headlights, Halogen lamps fog background, tire ores in size 16-inch” As for the most prominent interior additions for the car they are “Registered number 6 speakers, Bluetooth feature to answer the phone, MP3 recorder, property open doors remotely, electric windows, cloth seats, manual air-condition the front” and a price of 78,900 riyals this category.

Features and Toyota Innova 2016 XL prices:
This category of the car is considered the top and are available with many additions memo previously both at the external level or internal of the car in addition to the “sensors forehand, Shabak front restaurant chrome door handles chrome-plated lamps in front Illabouaph technology Walid, tires Aluminum in size 17 inches , multipurpose steering wheel, cruise control, screen information, transmission and steering wheel covered with leather, cloth and Luxury seats folding, automatic air conditioning front and rear “and a price of 90,000 riyals this category

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