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Why damage the car’s tires


Why damage the car’s tires

The safety car’s tires are primarily responsible for the safety of Mstkulaiha, according to global statistics, the largest percentage of road accidents have tire damage is caused by, and therefore confirms the auto industry experts in the world on the safety achievement is not dependent on the acquisition of precious frames, it will be worthless if you do not take into account the preventive measures against the causes of tire damage

Causes damage to car tires:

Experts life span determines for high quality car tires at about 40: 50 thousand kilometers, 10 thousand km for the types of poor tire made, but these rates are not constant has been greatly reduced if you do not follow the rules to maintain the car’s tires, and the most important of the periodic inspection and avoid influential factors negative on tire safety.

1. Overweight: factor weight “load” of loose ends factors that affect the safety of the tires, and then experts warn in that area of ​​non-compliance with the number of passengers allowed for a model car, as an increase in weight put pressure plus the car trusses, as well as the tires, leading to the bombing of the life span of tires the car by approximately 30%, according to the results of scientific studies that examined the causes of tire damage.

2. wrong distribution of weight: the weight is distributed evenly least negative impact on the overweight, both the two represents an enormous strain on the tires, which speeds up the process of erosion and damage, and increase the weight on one side of the car without the other, resulting from lack of distribution of the passengers inside the car properly, or by turning off the car for long periods status slanted, Kaaagaf the car on the ground with a bit of decline, or to stop so that one side is high above the pavement, that situation cause an increase in pressure on the two windows of the four, which increases the likelihood of being exposed to damage faster than their counterparts.

3. Adjust the angles: the faster the factors leading to the destruction of the tires, is not set Zoya tires properly, resulting in difficulty in steering, as well as affect the balance the car as a whole, making it more resistant tire rotation, causing the erosion of the surface, so it is advisable top tire manufacturers need to be fitted corners sound, re-examined periodically to ensure safe driving.

4. excess air pressure: Auto industry experts promise that factor of the main causes of damage to car tires, and assert that the increase in air pressure inside the Alatarh about 20% of the allowable limit, constitutes a major threat to the safety of the tires, which become more prone to erosion and alienation, but to increase air pressure may be the cause of the sudden explosion of the frame.

5. High speed: high-speed driving increases the friction surface of the outer frame land rate, and as a result higher degree frame heat and eroding, and then is the driving medium and low speeds are the best, it helps in maintaining the safety of the tires, along with its role in reducing the consumption rates and burning fuel.

6. Off-road: the starting drive over rugged surfaces of the reasons that cause tires severe damage, especially with the use of high speeds on these roads, which increases friction car frame rate and the rise of its temperature, thus affecting the cohesion of tires and makes them prone to alienation, and increases the likelihood of car tires had been scraped or cut, so you should avoid the use of off-road as much as possible, although there was no escape from resorting to it must abide low speed, as well as disclosure of the tires in view to make sure they are not subjected to claw or cutting.

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