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Gold, history, present and future

Gold, history, present and future


Gold, history, present and future
Gold, history, present and future


Is well known that gold has a great history with humans, we care about a lot of people since ancient civilizations. The most important evidence of this ancient Pharaonic Egyptian civilization that relied on gold dramatically, where making the ancient Egyptians their vehicles and the coffins of their kings and their masks and even their shoes and important statues, which confirms that it is not only metal historic Old, but always knew humans value Donna about a lot of other metals. The most famous example of what the ancient Egyptians made of gold is the mask of Tutankhamen famous.

Gold is the metal precious and precious too, which is a chemical element that has the symbol Au and atomic number is in the periodic table is 79 and called for gold in its natural state before beating as the gold dust, a metal color yellow soft and shiny, and since ancient times it is used as a currency when many feeling ancient civilizations, as was used in the ornaments and jewelery industry. The gold exists in the form of granules within the rock in the river bottom and in the sweat pads of the earth. Gold often present with other metals such as lead and copper. And distinguishes the yellow metal (gold), it is more chemical elements and intensity rarely eroding, is Rare Earth Muammar. And to this day it is still the gold is a monetary base used by the Bank for International Settlements BIS and the International Monetary Fund IMF, as that gold has many other uses which are no less important, such as electronics and dentistry. And historically it has been the discovery of the largest mass of gold in Australia in 1896 AD and was weighing an ounce in 2280, and an ounce equals 31.1 grams.

Usually Gold is used in decorations and ornaments of what distinguishes him from other metals Bleonth and its corrosion resistance and susceptibility to the formation of clouds and resistance to time, and by mixing with other metals such as copper or silver or nickel for the alloy more durable, and with platinum to enter the synthetic fibers industry because of the resistance to platinum to separate chemicals. But the uses of gold on the decorations are not limited only note that produces many of the shots by mixing with zinc, silver and copper, and is determined caliber purity gold part of the thousand or US Bayar example corresponds caliber 24 degrees purity 1000 caliber 21 degrees of purity 875 caliber 18 corresponds to the degree of purity 750 Gold Prices vary accordingly. But in general it tends color gold jewelry to paleness whenever you lose No. caliber which took lose gold entering amount Palmsogat, so gold 18 orange objects caliber to the red compared with the caliber 21 most zero and the same comparison for the gauge 24 which contains gold more. As for the white gold it is a gold mixed Balbladiom tin improves their white color, and is often used in jewelry kits.

Gold is also used in many other uses such as medicine, in addition to gold use in dentistry as we mentioned, it is also used in the treatment of arthritis and inflammation of the bone using the gold solution, also used gold irradiated (198) also in the treatment of some types of cancer God protect us and you. Many other uses such as for gold used in manufacturing high-end Kalasitwanat reflective layer and in the quality stamp and join with elements of high-temperature welding yellow solid brass and gold jewelery. This did not recall having many ways of investing in gold such as storage in the form of alloys in coins is an excellent way to hedge against inflation and other economic turmoil.

Is purified gold is through the separation of dust and silt and impurities other than through the national water currents are removing sand and alluvial chips, which leads to the survival of gold foil in place thanks to high gold density, it can also be used Alzibak to dissolve gold without silt and sand, then the distillation Alzibak’d have the required gold extracted. There are other ways chemicals to extract gold and extraction method such as cyanide, or by dissolving silver alloys in concentrated sulfuric acid, and gold is purified using nitric acid first and then electrolysis.

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