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SLE affecting the kidneys raise blood pressure



SLE affecting the kidneys raise blood pressure
SLE or lupus erythematosus is rheumatoid chronic disease that affects part or Ijza Emn body, in most cases, the disease affects many parts of the body and called then systemic lupus erythematosus include devices that may get sick skin, joints, kidney, nervous system, lungs, heart and blood cells and platelets. In some cases, the disease shall be confined to the skin.
The majority of those infected are women in the early age and injury of women to men ratio of 9: 1, meaning that the disease also affects men as it is not confined to a particular enactment there are those who contracted the disease at the age of nursery and in old age.
Cause of the disease:
Science has come to know the cause of this disease, Anna autoimmune disease that is, it arises from an imbalance in the immune system, which configures the antibodies attack the parts of the body, and you know these objects objects autoimmune and most important of which antioxidants cell nucleus (ANA) and (anti-DNA) . There are some cases of lupus are a result of side effects of some drugs, such as those used to treat high blood pressure, heart disease, epilepsy and other pressure, and often go away such cases after stopping the drugs, and must be alert not to stop the medication, but the advice of a physician since the cessation of treatment may be more dangerous than the risk of developing lupus, especially that such side effects occur in a few cases is limited to certain medications.
Lupus and Genetics:
Some studies indicate the presence of genetic predisposition to the disease through the emergence of new cases of most of the households for which there is an infected between its members.
SLE disease and pregnancy:
Disease may appear for the first time during pregnancy, but for patients who suffer from the disease before pregnancy, the disease may activate and affect the parts of the body during pregnancy or the period after birth. We advise sick lupus should avoid pregnancy during disease activity and that are not taken pregnancy only after a period of stagnation of the disease and the patient is subject minute during pregnancy follow-up, studies have shown that most cases of pregnancy in patients lupus running normally natural birth if subjected to follow-up and treatment required. On the other hand, there is a type of antibody may be transmitted from the mother to the fetus through the placenta, which may cause some health problems for the child at birth, such as a rash, which often go away with time, and there are other health problems may persist in the child, such as heartbeat disorder, however, this is happening in very few cases.
Symptoms of the disease:
Varied symptoms of the disease vary widely, there are patients complain of fatigue in fatigue, it complains of pain of joints may be accompanied by swelling in the joints, has been showing signs of the disease in the form of a skin rash and redness on the face or Aloznyen, hair loss, sores in the mouth, perhaps the impact of the disease on the members of the the body such as the respiratory tract, causing pain and Okhozat in the chest or a narrowing of the respiratory disease may affect the overall and lead to the secretion of the protein albumin in the urine, or perhaps to a rise in blood pressure and deterioration in kidney function. There are some patients are discovering the disease at work laboratory analyzes show a drop in the number of blood or platelet cells, as there are some female patients suffer from recurrent miscarriage as a result of formation types of antibodies in the blood. In addition, there are other symptoms such as mental disorders or convulsions when the disease affects the nervous system, however, these symptoms exist among a small percentage of patients and that the majority of patients suffering from the symptoms are not severe and live a normal life, but they require regular follow-up by specialists.

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