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Sudden fainting

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What is the sudden swoon?
He has a temporary consciousness may be accompanied by muscle relaxation causing a fall to the ground ..tm patient wakes up again and back him fully conscious ..
Fainting sudden ..
the reasons :
The main reason is the lack of the amount of blood reaching the brain may be due to heart failure in pumping blood ..
Or that the blood vessels do not have strength enough to keep the blood that reaches the brain by compression ..
Or lack of blood or body fluids inside the blood vessels .. may be a reason for that too ..aldguet nervous and intense fear. Severe pain ..
Sleep a long time Vnzul blood suddenly legs when doing .. It could have been the result of diseases of the nervous system or lungs.
And it divides the sudden fainting to: –
Fainting caused by Ankhvat blood pressure will affect the healthy brain ..
– Fainting positions.
It fainting that occurs when nerves big raises are such as anxiety, fear, pain, hunger or the use of alcohol and drugs
– Topical swoon ..
It is where the pressure at least when suddenly change the situation ..mn asleep to an existing example
– Faint heart
..oho Which is why the problems of the heart or blood vessels
– Ale_mme nervous
..oho Which is why the brain problems such as epilepsy, convulsions
Symptoms: The patient does not know what is happening to him ..vqt located on the ground is not aware of what happened only after the preponderating ..
But the patient may feel that his head is very light feel nausea and weakness and cold sweat before fainting ..
You may also feel dizzy vision has changed and feel Ptnmih light when his body .. fainting may rise up the body a couple of times .. and
You may feel some dizziness when preponderating persist for several seconds before they go away ..
Diagnosis: Because fainting incidents do not occur in front of the doctor must talk with the patient and took the entire history of pathological about his health ..
Simple initial detection by measuring pressure and pulse and hear the voices of the heart and lungs ..
Help guide diagnosis hand a certain part to find out the source of the problem .. It is important to the work of ECG and image complete blood to detect anemia ..
Sugar and salt content and functions of the kidney and thyroid .. Testing Your doctor may resort to the work of a portable ECG device remains with the patient for several days revealed the situation ..
Also the work of computed tomography and magnetic resonance therapy on the brain: if the reason is something unusual ways of dealing ..znserd ..
If either of questionable seriousness please contact the emergency immediately .. But if occurred and the prospects for the patient in several minutes without any injuries ..
You should consult a doctor to determine the cause and treatment ..
But if there is no breathing or pulse in the case ..venbga call an ambulance and life support action plan ..
When you go to the hospital is the introduction of fluids and measurement of blood sugar and served continuously drawing the heart, but the future treatment of the case is determining the cause ..
Can it be prevented from this case?
According to the reason and you examples ..
– The person who gets the faint result of extreme fear or extreme intolerance or extreme fear ..alih sit down immediately if symptoms are felt before fainting.
– The people who lose consciousness when they stand after a long wait ..alih sit second to two seconds before changing its position ..
– Liquids in large if a person has anemia and dehydration ..
Finally, attention to health and periodic disclosure on your body ..iqik of any risk surprise may be exposed to.

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