Germ stomach, prevention and treatment


  Germ stomach Is a germ sneak into the stomach, and settle in the epithelial cells in the gastric mucous membrane. MRSA and lead to the emergence of inflammation, and the destruction of the cells that reside in the stomach mucous membrane. And MRSA are very common, and spread widely …

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Acupuncture to treat pain


  What is the idea of ​​acupuncture? Acupuncture broader types of medication widespread and commonly used in the world and have stood as one of the methods of treatment for thousands of years despite the attack and try to stop the use in many areas over the centuries. There on …

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Rocks Rocks and processes that are the earth’s surface: The Earth’s crust is made up of different rocks, which is building a Alaabsah crust and oceanic crust. Section of rocks exposed section is covered with soil and plants and buildings. Rocks great importance to humans as the rock reveal to …

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Investment Knowledge Economy


  Investment Knowledge Economy It is obvious to everyone the extent of innovation and excellence that has always achieved by Saudi students either outside or inside the kingdom, the knowledge-based economy needs to develop and develop and invest because it is the basis for the employment of capacity and talent, …

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Knowledge Economy


Knowledge Economy Knowledge Economy said the transformation of the economy based on capital to the knowledge economy is through the three forces of reaction are: – technological change, and includes information and resources, technology, and biotechnology. – Trade liberalization, internationalization of production systems – the liberalization of capital movement in …

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The concept of online shopping


The concept of online shopping The concept of online shopping online shopping is buying and selling over the Internet and include big things like a house or a small child Kthiab used because people liking the comfort provided by online shopping started. The online shopping is still a relatively new …

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The difference between cars and Automatic Almanewal


 The difference between cars and Automatic Almanewal All types of cars are different since ancient times to the modern in terms of form and the possibilities of our time and there are with Afattas Almanewal and also Afattas Automatic, and some people’s cars prefer Almanewal and the other believes that …

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Salt …. benefits vs harms

  Salt is one of the important elements for the life of humans and animals, and even plants. It works on balancing the amount of water in the body, as well as the cells that make up the members of the body, which is important for metabolism in the cell. …

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Extended Pickup Ford Ranger outstanding range greater capabilities than ever


  The new Ford Ranger pickup is characterized by a range the most holistic models until today, which includes 17 different models within five levels of specifications, and thus offers the greatest choice and value for companies and customers alike. The new modern look gives Ranger Pickup a strong presence …

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Depression and frustration


  Depression and frustration an introduction – Feelings of sadness than normal sensations experienced by each person to a certain degree in Hyate.- considered either depression is a psychiatric condition in which the senses so much adversely affect the activities Aleomah.- and depression is one of the most mental problems …

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